What is DMCT? SISIGAD B01 Music Hoverboard features Dynamic Music Control Technology (DMCT) via voice recognition introduced by SISIGAD

SISIGAD recently released its Dynamic Music Control Technology (DMCT), a new technology that allows system integrators to scale inputs and zones using the dynamic routing capabilities built into its amplifier platforms.

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IRIS Peridot makes monitoring GST compliance simple and stress-free

Monitor your GST Compliance IRIS Business Services Ltd [IRIS] has recently launched IRIS Peridot 5, an update to their popular business app developed for Android devices. IRIS Peridot 5 offers

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AGELOCER, explore the world in a mechanical form, redefining the mechanical watches

Agelcoer, China’s new generation of mechanical watches brand, has always adhered to the design concept which is “redefining mechanical watches and always surprised” from the initial idea to the production process, so that

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