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Axial Flux Motor Market Estimated to Reach $353 Million by 2026

Axial Flux Motor Market Increasing Adoption of These Motors Across Various Industries and E-mobility Is Set to Drive the Growth of Axial Flux Motor Market. Axial flux motor market is

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OAS Adds Unidirectional Network Gateway Feature to Secure User’s Data

Open Automation Software has added a new feature to enhance the data security of its platform. Due to increasing cyber threats, industries need to ensure the safety of their critical

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Moving Bed Bioreactor Market Forecast to Reach $1.4 Billion by 2026

Moving Bed Bioreactor Market Increasing Market Size of the Healthcare Sector Is Expected to Grow the of Moving Bed Bioreactor Market Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) market is forecast to reach

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Meet Melissa Alonso, Miss Teen Broward County US Nation 2021

Melissa Alonso is the reigning Miss Teen Broward County US Nation 2021 Titleholder. The 15-year-old aspiring model has been modeling for 1 year. Melissa’s inspiration to get into the modeling

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Coordinate Measuring Machine Market Size Estimated to Reach $5.6 Billion by 2026

Coordinate Measuring Machine Market Increasing Adoption of Automated Inspection in Connected Factories Is Driving Coordinate Measuring Machine Market Coordinate Measuring

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Alycia Huston Coaching & Consulting Launches Ethos: The 1st Annual Elite, Invite-Only Business Retreat for Women

Frisco, TX, USA – September 14, 2021 – Ethos is the 1st annual elite, invite-only business retreat for women and

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As Malaysia’s Workers Get Back to Work, V2Space Coworking Space Offers Safe and Furnished Office Rooms and Desks

The pandemic brought in work from home for literally the whole world. Yet the pleasure and productivity found in offices

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Social Media Farm Redefines Social Media Management With Expert Marketing Services Across All Media Platforms

USA-based social media marketing agency, Social Media Farm helps businesses/ artists all over the world boost their social media presence by rendering

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Triple Language Master Barbara Ulmer to Appear on ZTV in Feature on Learning Programs to Help Busy Executives With Expat Transitions

Houston, TX, USA – September 14, 2021 – BU Language offers, in addition to their English, French, and German immersion

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Global Obesity Management Market Set for 5.1% CAGR During 2021-2031 –

Future Market Insights The global obesity management market revenue will total US$788.6 Mn in 2021, according to Future Market Insights

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September 2021