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Quality Digest Enhanced Webinars Profiled in AutomationMedia

Enhanced Webinars from Quality Digest was recently featured in AutomationMedia. The webinars feature real-time streaming video of host, subject matter expert, and a case study in action. Users can email

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Aegis Software Automates Materials and Product Quality with Unified Quality Management System (QMS)

Aegis, a global provider of Manufacturing Operations Management Software (MOM) unifies Quality Management System (QMS) from incoming materials through production and test and into the business offices. The QMS firewalls,

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Adeaca Announces Matt Mong VP of Market Innovation and Category Design Accepted into Forbes Business Development Council

Matt Mong, Vice President, Market Innovation and Category Design at Adeaca, the leader in Project Business Automation (PBA), an all-in-one business management cloud solution for project-based companies, has been accepted

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B2B eCommerce Solutions Must Have Access Control, Roles, Permissions, and Management Feature

Recently, Industry Today shared a comprehensive analysis grid of the most important features when selecting a B2B eCommerce platform, such as access control, roles, permissions, and management feature. The article

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QA/QC Inspectors Play Vital Manufacturing Role According to FactoryFix

FactoryFix reports there is high demand for manufacturing quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) inspectors.  A quality assurance (QA) or quality control

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John Hayes of BALYO Sees Supply Chain Constraints Can Be Removed with Automation

John Hayes, Director of Sales for BALYO was recently profiled in the recent issue of Supply Chain World magazine. Hayes

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Manufacturers specializing in Low Volume, High Mix Contrast See Value in COUNTERPART ERP Build-to-Print

COUNTERPART ERP enables companies to keep operations streamlined and cost-effective. Build-to-print allows companies to specialize in low volume, high mix

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Kuntai Machinery Unveils Highly Engineered Cutting and Laminating Machines Used in Many Industries to Make Sophisticated Products Quickly to Curb Demand

Kuntai Machinery is certainly pleased to offer a wide variety of highly engineered cutting and laminating machines that are equipped

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Picavi Explains Benefits of Voice Control with Pick-by-Vision

Picavi pick-by-vision visually guides laborers through the warehouse. Using a virtual display projected in front of the user’s eye, the

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Access to New Production Facility Expected To Accelerate PAO Group, Inc.’s Entry Into The $5 Billion CBD Market (PAOG)

PAO Group, Inc.’s (OTC Pink: PAOG) strategy of seeking accretive partnership opportunities is about to pay off in a major

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June 2021