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What’s the difference between N95 and KF94 masks?

The difference between N95 and KF94 masks are minor for the factors that most users care about. KF94 is the “Korea filter” standard similar to the US N95 mask rating. 

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5 Types Of Air Conditioning Compressors

Here is an air conditioning compressor inside each air conditioning unit. The compressor plays a very important role when the refrigerant enters the machine to increase its temperature. After heating,

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The Replacement of AC Compressor Clutch

Is It Possible to Replace a Bad AC Compressor Clutch by people themselves? If people find that the AC compressor clutch in people’s car is damaged, people may want to try to

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How to decorate the mask with customized lapel pins

Even as the coronavirus vaccines are reaching Pretty shine, but as long as the pandemic isn’t over, it’s suggested to Pretty shinier face masks to protect against COVID for most of 2021.

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Vane pump applications and development trends

Traditionally, vane pumps, especially variable vane pumps, are mostly used in fixed installations of industrial and mining equipment and ships,

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Common Problems during hydraulic pump repair and maintenance

The hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system. It is driven by an engine or an electric motor, sucks oil

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Knowledge of metal sign daily maintenance and overhaul

Metal logo plates have the advantage of not rust, screen printing, can be coated with hardening agent on the surface for

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What Is The Difference Between TFS (Tin Free Sheet) And Tinplate (ETP)?

1. Tinplate Tin plate (also called tinplate) refers to cold-rolled thin steel plate coated with a thin layer of metal

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Retail Display Counters, Cash Wraps, and Cash Register Stands with Wholesale Pricing

There are introductions of checkout stands and merchandising cabinets. OYE large selection of retail display counters for sale is ideal for

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What are the Five advantages of flexible PCB circuit boards?

According to IPC’s TMRC data in June 1994, in the late 1980s, the output value of flexible PCB circuit boards

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