Luo Cong of 10G PON Technology Network Deployment and OLT Evolution Suggestions

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Luo Cong of 10G PON Technology Network Deployment and OLT Evolution Suggestions

September 19
02:55 2023

10G PON Technology deployment:

At present, the broadband construction is mainly FTTH, but the construction of 10G PON is still dominated by 10G PON + LAN. Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where FTTH is deployed early, have begun to face the demand for the upgrading of the original FTTH network. However, due to the small types and high price of terminals in 10G PON ONT, 10G PON is mainly deployed on the OLT side in the short term, while the terminal side still mainly uses EPON / GPON terminals to increase the support for GE ports, and provide gigabit home service for a small number of users.

In the future, with the popularization of high-bandwidth users, as well as the scale of 10G PON terminals and the price decline, the scale application of 10G PON FTTH will be gradually promoted. At present, the scale deployment of 10G EPON in OLT side is ready, and the deployment of XG (S) -PON in OLT needs to be mature by Combo PON. Due to the constraints of the technical standard implementation, the cost of Combo PON is necessarily higher than 10G EPON. In addition, simplify the XGPON standard, using the same wavelength as 10G EPON thus to remove WDM1r from the ODN network. It is also a feasible way to sacrifice bandwidth to coexistence with GPON ONT, but it needs to promote the modification of XG-PON standard.

The equipment of the manufacturers that do not support 10G PON board card in the current network should be gradually replaced, and the above equipment should be gradually removed by means of user migration to other OLT and overall equipment replacement.

 Related technical deployment recommendations:

 At present, PON network has carried various services such as broadband, voice, IPTV live broadcast, IPTV on-demand and dedicated line. At the same time, PON network carries the network management information of PON devices and home gateways, and may also carry mobile return and prequel services in the future. With the increase of business types and the small number of users under single PON port (generally ten to dozens), the traffic of single PON port has the characteristics of strong sudden and great uncertainty. The original way of calculating the traffic according to the business model is no longer adapted to the traffic characteristics of the PON network. It is suggested that the PON network should adopt the following technical strategies for the deployment to increase the network bandwidth and improve the user experience.

1. The access network for IPTV service is fully deployed with layer 2 multicast, with OLT deploying IGMPProxy and ONU deploying IGMP Snoop-ing to minimize the bandwidth occupation of PON port.

2. The broadband access network deploys 802.1p-based QoS technology, giving priority to ensure the forwarding of high-priority services.

3. The home gateway and set-top box have built-in soft probe, and cooperate with the network traffic monitoring and analysis system (such as Huawei uTraffic, ZTE BigDNA, etc.) to realize dynamic monitoring at the business level and network level.

PON ports that still cannot meet the bandwidth requirements through the above technical strategies should be adjusted by adjusting user distribution, reducing optical separation ratio and upgrading 10G PON.

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