DeFi Skeptic Aspires to Make the Decentralized World a Better Place Through Enhanced Transparency

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DeFi Skeptic Aspires to Make the Decentralized World a Better Place Through Enhanced Transparency

June 28
20:14 2022
Through project vetting and a vetted project database, DeFi Skeptic aims to mitigate scams and malicious acts in the decentralized world thereby helping to secure investor confidence in new projects.

In any developing system or world, the ingress of scammers, swindlers, and fraudsters is inevitable. The same goes for the decentralized world. In 2021 alone, these scammers managed to purloin more than $10 billion from newbie users. This unfair exploitation became the driving force behind the formation of DeFi Skeptic. The project bridges the gap between legitimate projects and DeFi users.

DeFi Skeptic – Making DeFi Space Safer and Secure

DeFi Skeptic was founded with an aim to curb fraud and ameliorate transparency. The company works by ensuring the veracity of the information that exists in the DeFi space. DeFi Skeptic places authentic projects as well as numerous products and services into spotlights. This immensely benefits both DeFi users and developers. This ecosystem housing bona fide products and services are operated by Skeptic Token ( SKP ).

DeFi Skeptic is an ultimate project aiding the DeFi community in various ways. One way it does this is by interviewing project developers and assessment of the complete project. The firm evaluates each aspect of the project and after a thorough review, the project is placed on the list of DeFi Skeptic Vetted Projects. The provision of such deep-rooted evaluation tends to put investors’ minds at ease. Investors remain assured of the security and stability of their outlay.

A Plethora of Products and Services

DeFi Skeptic wants to bring a variety of products and services to the DeFi Space that will be powered by Skeptic Token (SKP).

The products that have been completed successfully and are fully operational include:

  • Project Vetting

  • Contract Auditing

  • Contract Creation

  • KYC Verification

  • Arbitrage As A Service (AaaS)

  • Vetted AMA Tour

Furthermore, the products and services that are under development and the future plans of DeFi Skeptic are as follows:

In Development:

  • DeFi Skeptic Drops (DS Drops) – Promotional Airdrop Campaign

  • Vetted YouTube Tour

  • Content Creators

Future Plans:

  • Token/LP Locker

  • DS Merge (Merger/Acquisition Of Failed/Failing Projects)

  • Custodial Key Services

  • Vetted Daily Launch List

  • Press Releases

Additionally, DeFi Skeptic is also working more products and services that will be launched in the coming future.

To get the detailed information about the DeFi Skeptic products and services, visit the project’s official website or read the whitepaper.

DeFi Skeptic Economy

In the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem, Skeptic Token (SKP) will primarily serve as a utility token as well for the products and services offered by DeFi Skeptic. The company plans on launching this token on Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC). SKP expected launch date is going to be mid-June 2022.

Moreover, DeFi Skeptic will release a limited edition NFT series titled “First Skeptics.” The holder of these NFTs will receive a variety of perks inside the DeFi Skeptic ecosystem. The SKP tokens can be exchanged for First Skeptic NFTs.

DS Utilities

DS utilities are thoughtfully designed to aid users to attain a better experience together with furthering the DeFi ecosystem. With time as new utilities are devised, they are swiftly incorporated into the Skeptic ecosystem. These utilities are not only innovative but also highly inclined towards client interest and worries. Overall, Defi Skeptic is working towards a more stable and secure DeFi world, to provide investors with reliability.

Partners and Affiliates

Skeptic partners with Apollo Ventures, a complete ecosystem that aids the launch of new projects as well as helps them find vetting services. These vetting services are aimed at promoting growth and nourishing these new projects. DeFi Skeptic provides vetting services to projects on Apollo Launchpad. Adopting DeFi Skeptic intensive vetting Apollo Venture ensures transparency and thus a good reputation of the projects being initiated. DeFi Skeptic also works in association with Dappd, a software development company that excels in Blockchain technology. DeFi Skeptic ensures the Blockchain technologies devised are brought about through ethical coding practices.

SEEK, a platform that houses safely vetted, and established projects. They aspire to make DeFi a more trustable place for investors. DeFi Skeptic works in partnership with SEEK which will not only mutually benefit both companies but also further their common vision of making DeFi, a secure place for investors. Son of Doge, a decentralized ecosystem offering a multi-chain Launchpad, Metaverse, and P2E games. They believe in trust, honesty, and transparency. To achieve this they employ the vetting services of DeFi Skeptic. Autocrypto is an esteemed affiliate of DeFi Skeptic. Autocrypto is a broker app that amalgamates together mathematical polynomials together with a pre-trained time series prediction neuronal network to predict the prices of 200 foremost cryptocurrencies and automatically invests accordingly. DeFi Skeptic vets superlative projects of Autocrypto thus further enhancing the reputation of these firms.

DeFi Skeptic

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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