Who Needs A Massage Chair the Most?

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Who Needs A Massage Chair the Most?

June 28
14:02 2022

There is no denying that a big and tall massage chair can do wonders for the body and help a person relax and feel refreshed. There’s just nothing quite like the invigorating sensation one feels when the massage rollers hit all the right spots. Some models even go as far as to have completely hands-off control schemes so that a person can just sit on one and start relaxing immediately. For these reasons, it’s really no surprise that full-body massage chairs are one of the top purchases of people who work physically and mentally stressful jobs, but are they truly the only ones that can benefit from a good massage chair?

The Modern Back, one of the leading massage chair distributors of Florida, has provided a short list of people who they primarily market on, and why they think their products could help those kinds of people. By doing so, they hope more people can find enjoyment in the best massage chairs they have to offer.

Full-time Office Workers

Perhaps one of the primary markets for massage chairs are people who work 9 – 5 jobs four to five times a week in a company or firm. These people typically spend the majority of their week either sitting in front of a computer or interacting with clients and coworkers. Anybody who has ever worked this kind of job can say that despite the lack of any form of physically taxing activities inside the office, many of them experience all sorts of skeletomuscular ailments like muscle pain, muscle tension, and spasms. This is mostly because when sitting down, a lot of pressure is put on the spine and the pelvis which could cause the joints and muscles in those areas to stiffen. Additionally, several cardiovascular illnesses have also been linked to inactivity, which is why periodic stretching is important for people working this type of occupation.

How Do Massage Chairs Help Full-Time Office Workers?

Massage chairs can help ease tensions and relax muscle fibres by applying targeted pressure on areas that are prone to injury or do not get enough exercise. Back massage chairs like the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid excel at massaging the lower back and promote good posture. They can use it immediately at home after their shift, or have it in their office or break room if their boss allows it. With frequent stretching and regular exercise, an office worker can perform at their max out their efficiency every day.

Outdoor Workers

Outdoor jobs encompass all forms of work that is mostly done in the open, within massive workshops, or house-to-house. These include construction work, landscaping, farming, and to some extent, real estate. There is no need to explain in great detail why these jobs are hard on the body. They typically involve a lot of moving around, carrying heavy objects, or working in odd angles. Many outdoor workers come home with back pains, muscle cramps, and even minor sprains. These ailments can prevent them from relaxing and doing the things they like during their days off, which can significantly harm their mental health too.

How Do Massage Chairs Help Outdoor Workers?

A massage or recliner chair can do wonders at easing the muscle pain most of these workers suffer from and some can be easy enough to operate that they only have to sit down on one to begin. The JPMedics Kumo, a prized Japanese massage chair, is a perfect match for manual workers because in addition to its extensive lower-body support, it also has a voice-recognition software that gives them complete control of their massage chair without as much as a lift of a finger.

Domestic Workers

Domestic work includes housekeeping, care work, and gardening. Unlike the previous two examples, domestic workers don’t have set work hours and are usually on-call for the entire day. They are essential because they keep the house in order and take care of children while the owners are away for work or when they simply want to spend time doing other things instead of chores. It is a very physically and emotionally draining occupation, and it is unfortunate that they are underappreciated by the general public. They also suffer from most of the ailments stated above.

How Do Massage Chairs Help Domestic Workers?

Having a massage chair ready at all times can significantly improve the morale of domestic workers and make their lives much easier. They can use one during their breaks and make sure their health and well-being is in good condition for the rest of the day. As a homeowner with a domestic worker under employment, getting a top-rated massage chair like the Osaki Maestro LE is essentially two birds with one stone because they can also use it once they get home. Osaki massage chairs are great because they offer a realistic massage therapy that feels very similar to the ones done in massage parlours.


Massage chairs cater to a very large market because although relaxation is something everybody needs from time to time, not everyone can afford taking time off their work to visit a massage parlour. Life is difficult enough as is, and there’s no reason anyone should feel guilty spending a small fortune to get an advanced massage chair that can cater to their needs for years to come. 

If anyone is wondering where they could buy massage chairs, the Modern back offers a huge catalogue of top-selling massage chairs in their online store. If they wish to try one out first before they make a purchase, they can also go to their live showrooms to see how effective massage chairs are by testing the ones they have on display.

The Modern Back is the best massage chairs retailer located in the United States, it offers the best state-of-the-art massage chairs and recliner chairs in Sarasota, Florida in The Modern Back’s showrooms.

The company has a website and physical showrooms stocked with a large selection of massage chairs, it includes various brands and models of massage chairs for sale to fit a modest budget. Clients are welcome to ask for sales assistance, The Modern Back’s friendly staff are just a few questions away to assist with any purchases.

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