How to make work easier with Tracup?

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How to make work easier with Tracup?

June 23
20:07 2022
These days, how to work efficiently has become one of the main arguments for employees, especially for people who are working in a team. Sometimes, efficient work can provide unexpected results for project development. For employees, especially team members, Efficiency tools have become a significant driver of work performance. In this context, Issues of efficiency are starting to be considered by more and more people.

There are probably many genius tips for making work easier, like not planning to do too much, focusing on high rewarding tasks, working in small batches, starting with the hardest tasks, following people’s energy, using templates whenever possible, etc.

But literally, agile tools like Tracup, issue tracking software, work planning solutions and task management to integrate collaborative workspaces with the most popular productivity tools like Github, Figma, Zoom, Slack, etc. are needed to fill the Blank, fully functional style with great flexibility and near-unmatched resilience.

Tracup is a team collaboration platform that could be used to reduce time costs and improve work efficiency. Team members don’t need to sit in their offices or communicate with others for the latest information all the time. The only thing they need to do is turn on their computer, and log in Tracup to view all the information they need, which includes files, team members’ roles, project requirements, tasks due date, and many others.

However, it should be noted that as the beginning of all works, slash commands could be considered as one of the most flexible and essential part to a certain extent.

In Tracup, slash commands could be easily found at the bottom of the page. After clicking it, the user sees a small window to create a new task. In the middle section, by entering “slash”, a list of options will be provided. Users can customize text formatting, such as writing text in bold or italics, or even underlining it. Or sometimes, you may want to make things clear, you can click on “Code Blocks”, “Horizontal Rules” and “Ordered Lists”.


After creating a task, you can also use the Slash command to update the task details and upload additional information as needed.

For example, except for functions mentioned above, you can also add videos, pictures, or web pages from local or other media platforms. An example of Google scholar. “If I would like to add the page of “how to work efficiency”. Just copy the link and paste it into the window, a brief note will be provided. Or integrate a video directly, for example, from YouTube. By pasting the link, you can view the video directly rather than open a new tab. Besides, external contents are also available. Just like a web page or YouTube, you only need to add a link then everything will be convenient!”


In the future, more functions will be added to Tracup, and making team members work more efficiently is the objective for us.

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