Crypto Engineering Wizard Shermen Joins Get Set Play to disrupt the Game-Fi Industry

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Crypto Engineering Wizard Shermen Joins Get Set Play to disrupt the Game-Fi Industry

June 22
02:00 2022
Entrepreneur Shermen Joseph who build solutions handling more than 150M$ in transactions joins Get Set Play as their CTO

June 21, 2022 – Shermen is a full-stack web & mobile developer with over a decade of development experience.

For the past 6 years, he’s been involved in building & deploying blockchain solutions working with fortune 500 companies.

Shermen has been actively building & leading teams of all shapes and sizes in a variety of different industries.

As a seasoned technology leader with experience in building technical solutions for a variety of Industries from SaaS, Ecom, gaming & blockchain.

Before entering the world of blockchain and gaming Shermen was working with LGS (IBM subsidiary) where he deployed & implemented solutions handling over 150M$ in total transacted value.

After which he was approached by DXC technology to lead their technology team for building Enterprise blockchain solutions.

When he’s not building hi-tech solutions, Shermen likes to play games & race around his bike.

As an avid gamer who loved playing Assassins Creed, Uncharted, God of war and many more, shermen started to notice a paradigm shift in one of the fastest-growing Industries – the Gaming Industry merging with blockchains to deliver more value to the players.

He started consulting projects to build their NFT marketplaces & other tech solutions and started involving himself in prediction market protocols because of his previous experience in Bet 365.

Following his success in building & leading a team of diverse developers to build blockchain solutions. Subsequently after failing to start a career as a streamer shermen realized that the gaming industry had massive potential but the doors to enter the industry were either limited or none.

Soon Shermen Joseph joined Get Set Play as CTO and co-founder along with CEO Michelle Janice and CMO Rouchelle to build the future of e-sports gaming & metaverse. He saw this as his shot to create opportunities for talented gamers like him to enter the gaming industry and fulfil their dreams of being successful streamers.

“I like to challenge myself by playing sports, reading books, developing complex solutions that make my life easier” – Shermen joseph

Today Shermen with his team is working on creating a platform for gamers that will be unique and will create monetization opportunities for players more than any other gaming platform.

Get Set Play – A Gamers Dream

Shermen wants to continue sharing his extensive experience to build Get Set Play.

Get Set Play aims to be at the forefront of decentralizing the entire gaming industry.

The world of gaming is growing exponentially and with the increase of decentralization, a new form of gaming has come to place but with its fair share of problems. Today GameFi is at its pinnacle, but liquidity, trust, and lack of fair, safe, and transparent protocols make it difficult for gamers to totally absorb this space and create a transition from centralized gaming to decentralized gaming.

Get Set Play is a cutting-edge completely decentralized, DAO-governed Esports and streaming metaverse for both blockchain and off-chain games. A platform for competitive gamers and streamers to compete and broadcast to the rest of the world, exhibiting their full potential in a competitive environment.

In addition to being a gaming and streaming platform, Get Set Play aims to offer a unique tokenized metaverse with blockchain integration that will offer gamers and viewers the chance to play, support, and engage with their favourite streamers and eSports stars on the Get Set Play platform.

Get Set Play seeks to fill the gap in the market between the current centralized eSport world, and gamers who can be brought to the next generation of the P2E community by offering tokenized DAO gaming, made possible with blockchain technology.

Get Set Play aims to achieve its goals by developing a unique ecosystem built to serve gamers. The products will be easy to use, based on web 3.0, and accessible to everyone.

Get Set Play will deploy a decentralized streaming and esports metaverse built on Avalanche. and looks to be the next major player in the gaming sector in the coming months.

Person Name: Shermen Joseph
Email: [email protected]

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Contact Person: Shermen Joseph
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State: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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