Monterey Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Prepare His Land for Cultivation

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Monterey Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Prepare His Land for Cultivation

June 21
23:41 2022

Monterey, California – Recently, Monterey Tree Service Experts received a call from Mr. John. He wanted help with tree stumps standing on his 10-acre parcel of land. The stumps were a significant roadblock for any value-addition activity on the ground. He wanted to try planting a different plant on the farm. Moreover, the stumps were posing threats to anyone walking through the farm. Anybody could topple off and hit themselves on the stumps. Mr. John was not ready to take his chances with stumps.

The trees on the land have been progressively cut over the last two years,” said Mr. John. “The family had been doing a forestation project on the land. Moreover, the trees were meant for commercial purposes. However, after the project had ceased the stumps have been posing bottlenecks on the land. The stumps have rendered the land useless for roughly 1 year. Let alone the beauty of the landscape, the stumps were swirling up controversies on how the land could be brought to value. Right now the family wants the stumps removed for the land to be cultivated.”

Farm cut-over areas reportedly posed a significant hurdle to the farmers, and they barely practiced farming on such lands. Contrarily, tree stumps are environmentally substantial to the soil. The stumps hold the ground firmly to avoid soil erosion on the land.

However, the homeowner noted that a debate is not whole when either side of the argument is not presented. Despite the significance of the tree stumps, they still have to be removed for value-addition activities to occur on the land. However, the disadvantages of stump fields and underdeveloped land are always present.

The family has been using Monterey Tree Service Experts for 4 years,” said Mr. John. “Calling the company was no doubt the best decision since the family had enjoyed the services it had been offering the family. When the company responded to the call, they issued an assurance of booking the family on the stump removal schedule. Conversely, the family was aware of the rates, and it didn’t shy away from asking how much it would cost for the 10-acre parcel of land. The customer care reaffirmed to the family that it was already scheduled for a stump removal procedure the following day.”

A stump removal procedure takes a lot of time. The company had all the necessary tools to ensure the activity was seen through. Moreover, an expert was sent to the farmyard to assess the amount of work it would take to finish the whole activity.

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When the tree expert reported on the same,” said the field operations officer, “the company was acquainted with what stood ahead. The stump grinder, chain saws, and tractors had to be rechecked for efficiency in the event of operation. The stump grinder blades were always fond of breaking down when the machine remained dormant for some time.”

The team showed up on the farm the next day,” noted Mr. John. “The team started removing the stumps one by one. The whole procedure took 2 days to see through. In addition, they showed upright professionalism the entire time. Conversely, the tassel was worth the hassle. The family was elated when the farm yard remained clean and free of the stumps. It was going to make the cultivation process on the land easier. In addition, the family was surprised how the Monterey Tree Service Experts team went ahead to transport away the roots to a dumping site.”

Monterey Tree Service Experts operates its head office at 2110 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA 93940, United States. The company can be reached at +1 831-298-8745 or [email protected]

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