San Marcos Tree Service Experts Transplants Mature Tree to Create Room for New Garage

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San Marcos Tree Service Experts Transplants Mature Tree to Create Room for New Garage

June 21
19:44 2022

San Marcos, California – When Kim decided to build a new garage for his new car, the homeowner realized that he did not have a suitable place next to his house. Every space that he would have wanted to use had trees on it.

The garage was necessary since letting the car spend its nights outside was not an option,” said Kim. “However, with the trees surrounding the house, the family had to hire someone to get rid of the trees and create room for the new property development project.”

The homeowner had reportedly used San Marcos Tree Service Experts for tree pruning and tree trimming before. However, he was yet to try the company’s tree removal services. While calling the company’s tree removal team, the homeowner was still not sure whether the company had enough experience in tree removal.

The company surprised the family when the professionals arrived on the landscape and announced they had a way to save the tree,” said Kim. “The team noted that it could easily lift the tree together with its roots and move it to a new location where it would not hinder the property development project. This sounded too complicated but the family wanted to see if the company could pull it off.”

After arriving at a consensus on how to handle the tree, San Marcos Tree Service Experts reportedly went to work immediately. Its team worked harder than expected to remove the tree from the ground with the roots still intact. Using its crane, the company loaded the 50-foot tree on one of its trucks and transported it to another corner of the landscape.

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They dug a hole that matched the length of the roots on the tree,” said Kim. “They then used the crane to lift the tree off the truck and slowly put it in its new hole. The company later watered the tree and filled the hole with a combination of manure and fine soil.”

The homeowner noted that after replanting the tree, the team of professionals went back to where they had removed the tree to improve safety. Through group work, the team reportedly filled the hole and leveled it.

It was quite interesting to watch the company work,” said Kim. “A project that the family thought would take the whole day took less than four hours. What’s even better, the company did not let the family lose one of its best trees—the tree was just relocated.”

The homeowner noted that an arborist from San Marcos Tree Service Experts gave him details on how to improve the health of the transplanted tree. He noted that the only thing he needed to do was water it regularly for a whole month.

The arborist noted that by the time the month ended,” said Kim, “the tree will have established itself enough to use its roots to acquire water.”

The homeowner noted that he was expecting to pay a lot of money for the tree transplanting procedure. San Marcos Tree Service Experts, however, surprised him with a very affordable fee.

The family expected to spend at least $6,000 on the tree transplanting procedure,” said Kim. “The transplanting procedure carried numerous risks but the team handled it perfectly without causing property damage or messing with the health of the tree. For this reason, the team deserved $6,000. However, the company’s chief of field operations noted that a mere $1,500 would be enough for the procedure.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts schedules all its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation at 1255 Stone Dr, San Marcos, CA 92078, United States. Homeowners, however, prefer ordering tree services via calling +1 442-280-7601 and sending emails to [email protected]

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