Protecting Car While Making it Look New & Shiny All the Time.

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Protecting Car While Making it Look New & Shiny All the Time.

June 21
14:21 2022

Are you searching for a way to glam up your vehicles while ensuring their protection from harsh elements? Do you want your car to look shiny and new all the time? Sometimes, we face these problems or issues once we purchase our new vehicles. However, you can try a car nano coating detailing. It’s a new type of detailing that protects your car for many years. That’s why many people are slowly getting into the hype and getting this for their vehicles. Would you like to know how? Only with Shemtov Detailing, of course!

Shemtov Group is one of Israel’s most prominent car detailing shops that provide top-notch service to all its clients. They currently offer exceptional detailing services, especially the new Nano-Ceramic Coating, a new and advanced coating for vehicle protection. It’s a nanometer layer that protects the vehicle from any environmental damage that we can’t control. Some examples are sun and water damage, corrosion, stains, staining and fading. If you use your car all the time, then the Nano-Ceramic Coating is the best choice for you! It will maintain that fresh look of your vehicle for a long time. 

Sun and water damage can cause your cars’ colors to fade over time. Of course, this is inevitable since vehicles will start to show their age the more you use them. However, it’s time to prolong its life and make it look new with the new Nano-Ceramic Coating by Shemtov Group. It’s also resistant to abrasions and scratches, and it makes your vehicle look good as new because it will shine and look spotless! And if you leave your car outside in the sun more often, the Nano-Ceramic Coating will protect it from sun damage. Overall, it’s a dream come true for many car enthusiasts that consider their cars like family.

The ultimate goal of having a Nano-Ceramic Coating for your car is to make it more durable. Once your vehicle is already coated with Nano-Ceramic, the coating will make your vehicle and its paint job more durable. Currently, Shemtove Group is using two brands for their Nano-Ceramic Coating. One is from Kenzo, which uses new nano-technology and graphene nano-platelets. Its durability against water is five years and gives brightness and luster to the highest levels. Its thickness can also protect your vehicle up to 12 times more than regular wax. The second one is from Ecocoat, which is an Original Ecocoat Poly ceramic coating. It’s free from carcinogenic chemicals and increases color reflectivity!

If you wish to have your car coated with one of the two best nano-ceramic coating, then Shemtov Group is the best car place to go. You can visit them at HaRechev St 8, Netanya, Israel. Also, you can call them at +972 058-723-2626 or +972 09-884-77-26. Make sure to give them a call or a visit if you want to give your vehicle the protection it needs. It’s the best-detailing service as of yet, which will make you feel comfortable while giving you the peace of mind you need.

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