Idscapt bullish despite crypto crash

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Idscapt bullish despite crypto crash

June 20
16:25 2022
Recently, Idscapt launches the use of technical analysis to monitor market risk at any time

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and their dramatic recent crash is just part of an economic cycle.

Is there any way to enjoy the results of the block chain while keeping the risks under control?

Block chain is becoming a disruptive force in many industries, and has brought huge competitive advantages and development prospects for the enterprises that are the first to use it. However, the encryption currency associated with block chain is somewhat worrying for investors who want to invest in block chain due to its huge volatility. Is it possible to participate in block chain investment with controllable risks?

Share the fruits of investment with giants.

In the view of Idscapt, the block chain is indeed a segment that is worth investing in now. Many industry leaders have already entered into the layout or investment and even benefited from the block chain. These leading companies include intervening in investment, developing the block chain technology, using financial technology to optimize the operation of enterprises, settlement process, improving customer experience and de-intermediation; As long as people invest in these companies that directly or indirectly benefit from the development of block chain technology, Idscapt can share the fruits of investing in block chain.

It is no longer easy for investors to conduct professional and careful analysis on the high-quality and potential growth shares of companies benefiting from the block chain. It is even more difficult for investors to adjust their positions in a timely manner, conduct risk control and give consideration to earnings.

The Idscapt Fund Investment Committee reviews the fundamental factors of the investment portfolio every month, such as global macroeconomic changes, the development of industries and individual enterprises in the investment portfolio, etc. In case of significant risks and negative factors, the fund will adjust the investment portfolio as necessary. At the same time, the Fund also monitors market risk at all times using technical analysis, including dynamic indicators, panic index (VIX). If the relevant indicators foresee that the market will fluctuate significantly, the Fund will reduce its position and get VIX to hedge the downside risk.

The Fund uses both offensive and defensive investment strategies, including kinetic indicators, portfolio volatility and VIX, to invest and adjust its holdings of shares. While capturing the returns from the rapid growth of the block chain industry, the risks will be strictly controlled.

Run-to-win index to optimise returns.

The block chain may be another “tuyere plate” that will erupt after the “technology plate”, “pharmaceutical plate” and “new energy vehicle plate”. Investors interested in block chain layout can pay further attention to Idscapt.

The unit price of a fund may rise or fall. The data included are returns after deducting management fees and performance fees. The data are for reference only and the past performance of the Fund cannot be used as an indicator of future performance. The value of the investment and the return on the investment may fluctuate and are not guaranteed. Exchange rates may cause the value of investments to rise or fall. Investors may not be able to recover the investment principal. This data is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and actual returns may be higher or lower than the above data.

Idscapt is the world’s leading digital currency investment trading platform, providing investors with a compliant, safe and high-yield trading platform. Its website is

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