Planning New Year’s Resolutions? Unlock the Power of Repetition to Form Positive Habits with RepeatDo

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Planning New Year’s Resolutions? Unlock the Power of Repetition to Form Positive Habits with RepeatDo

November 13
10:38 2021

RepeatDo launches an online platform to help users manage and track repeat activities at home, work, or in business.

With 2022 fast approaching many of us are starting to think of our New Year resolutions. Learning a new skill, taking up exercise, checking up on family more or simply forming a new positive habit. This might be individually, in groups, at home, at work or in our businesses. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could track your progress as well as get extra motivation to keep going? 

This is the goal of UK-based startup RepeatDo – a new, online platform aimed at keeping you motivated by helping you manage and track repeat activities. The platform has been designed around the idea that repetition leads to habit.

With RepeatDo users create an activity, set a schedule and add friends or work mates. Contacts added to an activity receive invitations via email or SMS which they can accept via a simple, secure link. Motivational nudges and reminders are then sent to each contact on a regular basis. Users can track and monitor their progress which helps to keep them accountable and motivated.

The platform is ideal for trainers with clients, health consultants with patients, academic tutors with students, groups of friends, or simply individuals looking to track their own progress.

How is it different from other task management tools? For one, RepeatDo aims to go beyond mere task management. It is designed for repeat activities in order to help users form positive habits. Second, contacts added to an activity do not need to be registered on the platform as they receive invitations and reminders via email or SMS. Finally, it offers the ability to track and monitor your progress with analytics and charts. 

The company states:

“Our purpose is to motivate people and companies to form positive habits. Our vision is a world in which excellence is a habit.”

“The initial uptake and feedback has been extremely positive. In the midst of all the doom and gloom that may exist people are inherently optimistic and committed to improving themselves and those around them. Be it in their personal lives with their health or in helping tackle big problems like Climate Change. We look forward to growing and rolling out our platform to more users that share our purpose and vision. Together we can work towards making positive change – one reminder at a time.”

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