Advantages of window transparent LED advertising screen and reference for design selection

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Advantages of window transparent LED advertising screen and reference for design selection

September 24
23:45 2021

Commercial window is an important means of display and promotion of retail goods, transparent LED advertising screen has changed the static display of the window, flexible; It is one of the development trends of advertising window to enable shops to have more vivid and three-dimensional information interaction with consumers and people.

The window transparent LED advertising screen has many advantages, such as transparency, beauty, lightness, concealness and so on. It will not affect the indoor lighting and sight of the glass Windows. It has good heat dissipation, green energy saving, and makes the advertising more vivid and three-dimensional. The appearance of the window LED advertising screen not only integrates all the advantages of the traditional high definition LED display screen, but also eliminates the beauty and bearing capacity of the shop window to the maximum extent, and perfectly solves the problem of the video display of the window of the retail industry.

Currently, transparent screens for retail stores are not only light, thin and easy to install, but also can achieve a minimum pixel pitch of 2.9mm and up to 70% transparency. It can overcome the trouble that ordinary posters need to be posted and replaced, and does not have the disadvantages of bulky, opaque and unattractive conventional LED and LCD screens.

Advantages of window transparent LED advertising screen

1. Make the store window brighter and more transparent, let customers experience the scenery outside the window, make the store more attractive, and let the store seize every sales opportunity.2. Install the window LED transparent screen in the indoor environment, without changing the transparency of the glass window, creating an open view of a large area of indoor space, while carrying out diversified modeling design, customizing the size and shape, so as to make the creativity full and bring more More technical feel and visual experience.3. Installing window LED advertising screens in large commercial complexes can not only improve the artistic decoration effect of the complex, but also create a good shopping atmosphere and increase the conversion rate.

Design and selection factors of window transparent LED screen

When designing window transparent LED advertising screens, in addition to considering important factors such as display content, space conditions, screen size, pixels, etc., it is also necessary to ensure the actual application requirements such as production technology and technical indicators, and then combine the engineering to design rationally.

1. High pixel density, the display effect should be clear. Since they are generally viewed at close range, the display resolution requirements are very high.2. Ensure the best transparent effect of the glass. It is recommended to use the P3.9 transparent screen of Rui Dent, the transparency can reach 70%.3. It is necessary to ensure that the interior decoration is not affected. It is recommended to install by hoisting without a large amount of steel structure. At the same time, fixed installation and vertical installation can also be used. Which installation method is used requires an actual investigation on the site.

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