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Is It True That Japanese-Made Massage Chairs Are Superior?

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Is It True That Japanese-Made Massage Chairs Are Superior?

September 08
21:09 2021

Demanding consumers, rivalry for Japanese market share, and rigorous regulations promote innovation and high quality and performance requirements. One approach to understanding why Japanese massage chairs are so well respected both inside and outside the massage chair business. It is to comprehend how the characteristics of the Japanese market have molded the chairs manufactured in Japan and the brands that started in Japan. Japan produced the first massage chairs. As a result, the culture centered on high-quality massage chairs began and flourished in Japan. In reality, the entire concept of a medical massage chair sprang from laws and regulations established decades ago by Japan’s Ministry of Health. With the government’s involvement, monitoring, and acceptance of the medical massage chair idea. The public’s interest has grown to the point that more than 15% of Japanese homes possess a massage chair. Medical massage chairs produced in Japan are regarded as essential instruments that give genuine health advantages in Japan.

Massage Chair Innovation

Massage chairs as a necessary home medical and health requirement is an idea that is gaining traction in the United States. However, it has been the common wisdom in Japan for decades. As a result, if you’re looking for medical massage chairs that have been certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health. You might look at the OHCO M. Series models, which are produced in Japan. For the time being, Japanese-made massage chairs are the market leaders in Japan, the United States, and worldwide.

What distinguishes a Japanese massage chair from the rest? Is it the brand, the internet reviews, the upholstery, the many forms of massage, or the comfort? Furthermore, how can you choose the most incredible Japanese massage chair on the market? When seeking to make a purchase, both of these questions should be on your mind. The latter, however, is contingent on how you respond to the former. The fact is that everyone will respond to these questions differently based on their circumstances.

In our research, we evaluated many characteristics that we believe are essential for any massage chair. Size, weight, upholstery, massage kinds, zero gravity, weight capacity, and accessories are among them. These aspects are all important since they contribute differently to the sensation one has while sitting in a chair. For example, while the chair’s size and weight may impact its movement, massage kinds and zero gravity dictate the entire massage experience. In our buying guide, you can find extensive information about each feature after the article.

Things to Think About

Buying a decent massage chair entails more than just reading positive internet reviews. Each of us has distinct interests and preferences. What excites you may not thrill me for a variety of reasons. We’ve put up a comprehensive buying guide to help you see past reviews and make a long-term purchase you won’t regret in the future. Plan your next purchase with the help of this shopping guide. However, we’ve already compiled a list of the finest Japanese massage chairs for you above. Your goal is to follow our advice and select the best chair for your needs.

Pros of Japanese Massage Chair

There are several advantages to using Japanese massage chairs. These seats, as opposed to regular recliners, are worth considering. The following are the benefits of utilizing one.

  • The chairs provide the most acceptable therapy for lower back discomfort and reduce pain from tight muscles.
  • Reduce tension and anxiety by getting a massage on the move.
  • If you work long hours standing or sitting, these seats will return your body to its natural state.
  • Improve your mood, improve intimacy, lessen the intensity of headaches, and boost your creativity, all while keeping your body healthy.
  • Overcome sleep difficulties Increase blood circulation and oxygen flow.

Features to Consider

Knowing what to look for in a massage chair ensures that you get the most delicate chair. We think that the ideal chair for you caters to your specific interests. Unfortunately, you might get the most incredible massage chair to discover that it does not meet your requirements. We’ve compiled a list of critical qualities that we believe are important to examine. Among them are size, weight, upholstery, massage kinds, zero gravity positions, weight capacity, and accessories. We hope this was helpful.

1.    Size

It’s easy to become distracted by other aspects and lose sight of the size. While it’s tempting to think about pricing and aesthetics, the size of the chair you choose might put a stop to the party. Always have the measurements of the place where you want to install the chair on hand before deciding on a chair.

2.    Upholstery

Upholstery is the most crucial feature we seek when purchasing furniture. We all require a product that will last as long as feasible. Fabric, springs, webbing, and padding should all be used to produce an excellent chair—anyone who makes mistakes while selecting upholstery will live to regret it. When choosing upholstery, we must consider factors other than the material. When making this decision, keep our whole décor in mind. As far as possible, we wish to avoid tampering with colors.

3.    Weight

While weight isn’t a big problem, making the incorrect decision may cost you much money. It is excellent to assess where you stay and calculate the appropriate weight for a chair. We realize that these chairs are sold in pieces. The majority of them, though, come in two boxes. That, however, is not the point.

4.    Massage types

We want to buy a massage chair. When it comes to this feature, there is no room for error. Understanding your immediate massage requirements is an excellent place to start. What exactly do you want? If you don’t want to be disappointed, be explicit about this aspect. As you’ve seen throughout our review, each chair is unique. Both have distinct forms of massage. Some feature five degrees of speed and intensity massage, while others include an L-track massage system with airbags and auto programmers. Other chairs provide a mix of massage styles, such as manual and automated. Making the proper selection about which massage kinds to choose is a complex process.


It is a non-medical therapeutic method that has no health risks. At times, there are some inconsistencies in the usage of some of these items, making them unsuitable for everyone. For example, if you have wounds, bleeding, skin problems, or suffer from varicose veins, you should avoid using them. However, the consensus is that using massage cushions is beneficial since it promotes blood circulation after sitting for lengthy periods, which benefits your health. However, because the massage cushion is a machine and not a pillow, it is not recommended that you sleep on it. Excessive usage can also cause bruising.

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