RealDigiAds – Helping Realtors Harness the Power of Google Ads for a Winning, Competitive Advantage

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RealDigiAds – Helping Realtors Harness the Power of Google Ads for a Winning, Competitive Advantage

August 31
23:06 2021
RealDigiAds is a pre-optimized real estate marketing system that leverages the world’s #1 search engine that reaches 90% of internet browsers – Google.

Like most industries, the face of real estate advertising is constantly changing, and to remain competitive, the real estate business must change with the times. The days of relying solely on referrals, cold calling, email blasts, and yard signs are over. Everyone knows that the largest audience of home buyers and sellers exists online. 

To reach them, they need to be online and ensure their visibility is top-notch, or potential customers will surely go elsewhere. Simply having a website and posting on social media isn’t enough. However, using RealDigiAds to advertise on Google helps realtors get front page access to a treasure trove of qualified buyers and sellers, even in highly competitive markets.

While many sites offer digital ads for realtors on Facebook and Microsoft, these are not the prime locations for potential buyers. RealDigiAds is a unique service that leverages the industry’s number one search engine that reaches 90 percent of internet browsers – Google. 

What is RealDigiAds?

RealDigiAds is a platform that makes it easy to advertise on Google. Built by realtors for realtors, this data-driven tool allows Realtors to avoid the many pitfalls that result in wasted money or lackluster results experienced when advertising on Google. By combining years of testing various keywords, ads, and audience settings, RealDigiAds delivers high-performing Google Ads campaigns in a matter of minutes with little to no knowledge of Google Ads. Not to mention, it will save you a tremendous amount of time and money.

Take a look at just a few of RealDigiAds best benefits.

  1. Generate leads consistently & affordably

RealDigiAds can help maximize the ad spend while drawing in more prospects that convert to sales. After all, sales are what matters most as a realtor.

  1. Build brand awareness

Having the ads appear within the search engine results for relevant keywords is excellent for building brand awareness.  Whether an established real estate business or a new company, Google can help build brand awareness, and RealDigiAds can make the process simple.

  1. Increase earnings

RealDigiAds pre-configured campaigns have been proven to hyper-accelerate revenue growth by more than 360%. RealDigiAds works with the best, most compelling aspects of Google Ads to bring the real estate company affordable exposure that promotes growth. Because real estate can have a lengthy sales cycle, growth depends on a consistent flow of leads that convert to clients. Advertising on Google using RealDigiAds is the best way to generate this flow and increase earnings.

Using RealDigiAds with Google Ads

There is one reason search engines continue to reign supreme: intent. It’s not just important to be visible, but to be visible to the right people (those searching for properties), at the right time (immediately), with the right marketing message (that they are the most relevant and qualified realtor for their needs). RealDigiAds has streamlined the process to help stop wasting money and countless hours trying to “make it work.”

As a realtor who wants to grow business, they should be interested in capitalizing on the outrageous number of Google searches conducted daily by people looking to buy or sell homes. RealDigiAds is the perfect answer to gain the necessary attention needed to fatten profits quickly while avoiding all of the common pitfalls of doing it themselves or hiring expensive marketing agencies to do it for them.

Google Ads is an advertising platform that helps advertisers reach customers and grow their business by displaying their ads on Google’s search engine results page, ultimately creating a massive advantage over the competition. Through this pay-per-click model, advertisers target users based on variables such as keyword search and location, and then Google delivers their ads to users interested in their products or services.

RealDigiAds harnesses the power of Google Ads, a powerful tool that attracts prospects and converts them into actual leads and then ultimately clients. Because many realtors don’t know how to use Google Ads effectively, they usually hire a marketing agency to do all of the work for them. This solution seems reasonable, except for the fact that most marketing agencies are pretty expensive. With RealDigiAds, they can do everything an agency does at a fraction of the cost with little to no knowledge of Google Ads.

RealDigiAds is more effective than figuring it out themselves, less expensive than hiring a marketing agency, and gives them more control over the growth of their business.

That’s a wrap!

What does all of this information mean for realtors?  For one thing, it means RealDigiAds can provide them everything they need for effective real estate marketing that will generate leads, maximize conversions and set themselves apart from their competitors. And equally as important, with a booming market and the growing presence of the digital age, RealDigiAds can help them gain the full potential of Google Ads for that winning competitive advantage. 

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