Tekcore Emerges as a leading Package Tracking Software amid Covid-19

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Tekcore Emerges as a leading Package Tracking Software amid Covid-19

April 09
20:04 2020
Tekcore Emerges as a leading Package Tracking Software amid Covid-19
During the latest coronavirus pandemic, TekTrack package tracking software rescues companies facing overwhelming deliveries burden

Tekcore is one of the leading tracking software company, offering solutions globally. The company recently launched an initiative to help organizations around the world improve their package delivery service amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In an exclusive interview, one of the leading executives at the company revealed that “With an increase in corona virus cases and lockdowns around the world the burden on home deliveries and supply chain companies has increased by a multifold. Tekcore stands tall during these crisis moments to help businesses in reaching out to their customers in a safe and efficient manner. We are proud to be of assistance during this pandemic that continues to wreak havoc in our lives and leaves people stranded with very little access to basic amenities, but we are confident that with our tracking software that is simple to use will allow companies to improve their supply chain and reach out to their customers better”.

The executive also included that “Tekcore has remained a primary consultant for fortune 500 companies for over two decades and we will continue to offer unparalleled services to our clientele to ensure their businesses operate in a smooth and efficient manner. During this tough economic turmoil for companies around the globe, people need to stay calm and indoors as much as possible. Ordering online is a safe way to receive the basic amenities without exposing yourself to the lingering threats of Covid-19. We are here to help and ensure that people can remain protected during the breakout and our software will help companies to deliver the products to their customers with ease. Our tracking software has the capacity to take the extra burden and ensure optimal performance under all circumstances. Therefore, we urge all businesses to make use of technology and improve their customer service.”

Tekcore is renowned in superior customer service and delivery. The company has built sophisticated software, ensuring high performance and utility. Tektrack, a software developed by Tekcore is based on the company’s SUCCESS model that encompasses its core benefits such as, saves time, user friendly & easy to learn, centralized deployment and storage, convenient access from anywhere, enhanced productivity, and strengthened security, scalability.

According to one of the senior developers at the company,” TekTrack is a product that envisions the company’s high standards and high quality of products. The software is a culmination of years of hard work, the brightest brains, and talent from the industry. The cloud-based operations allow easy access from any part of the world. Therefore, if you had ordered a product from an online store, then you can conveniently track the location and estimated delivery schedule using TekTrack package tracker software. The package tracking software system was built to handle the increased load, which makes it ideal software to rely on during peak times.”

Another senior advisor form the company mentioned “We recognize the need and urgency to improve supply chain and deploy a package tracking system that is able to fulfill the growing needs on online businesses. Tekcore offers customizable solutions to all its clients keeping in mind the budget. Our advisors work round the clock to help with any impending issues and we offer full support to help maximize the potential of TekTrack. Our clients can approach us using our hotline any time and rest assured that one of our experienced agents would fulfill their queries. We also have a quick deployment policy and can help businesses in need of an efficient and effective package tracking software system with ease during these stressful hours. Our aim is to improve tracking package and smoothen out the delivery process. With effective monitoring and live tracking updates, our software can help in providing aid to various people using reliable and scalable software. Our software is highly customizable and that makes it easy for us to fine-tune it to any type of requirement. If the government needs to send out relief packages, we can help them achieve that over a short period of time to significantly improve the reach out drive.”

About Tekcore

Tekcore has been in operations since 1998 and has served various fortune 500 companies around the world. The company offers a convenient, reliable, and cost effective package tracking software system that can be easily deployed to any part of the world. Tekcore stands out from its competitors by providing solutions that are scalable and highly innovative. The company offers tailored solutions based on business type and category to maximize the software’s usage. TekTrack is an out-of-the-box solution that lets you customize it to your tracking needs. Making changes is simple and straightforward; you can easily modify the system in minutes. TekTrack makes training an option and not a necessity. It provides convenient, step-by-step instructions, prevents data entry errors with user-interface coaching, helpful tooltips, and a comprehensive help manual to guide you through your tasks.

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