The Hormone Therapy Women Deserve

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The Hormone Therapy Women Deserve

June 09
23:37 2021
Curos Inc. is Challenging The Lack of Female Representation in Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Curos Inc. is challenging the status quo by making sure women can get the same convenient, high-quality hormone therapy services that men have received for years. As the fastest growing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) concierge practice in the United States, Curos is on a mission to better the lives of women living with peri- and post-menopause symptoms.

The organization’s passion and dedication for women’s HRT comes from Curos’ very own Dr. Erica Walters, who, early on, recognized the gender inequality between the online availability of hormone treatment options amongst men and women.

“The fact is 100% of women are going to experience menopause, and nearly all of them will have symptoms that significantly impact their quality of life,” said Erica Walters, MD, Director of Women’s Health. “With the integrative approach Curos Health offers (delivered via telehealth), we now can help every woman experiencing menopause thrive during what has typically been a challenging time in their lives from the comfort of their homes.”

The Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Curos Health, Josh Trutt, MD, is one of the United States’ leading medical experts in menopausal HRT. Leveraging his years of research and experience, Dr. Trutt has been able to effectively utilize hormone replacement therapy to successfully treat those suffering from menopause-related symptoms; and now can deliver broad access to those therapies via telehealth.

“When it comes to women’s health, menopause can not only be uncomfortable, it can also be a precursor to a number of higher risk situations such as heart disease and osteoporosis,” said Dr. Trutt. “Women should know we can help with personalized treatment plans that work.”

Curos aims to correct this market failure and become an innovator in the femtech space. Through accessible, online medical concierge services, top-tier doctors and Curos’ patented Nutri-Therapy™️ platform, Curos will provide thousands of women with the opportunity to safely and reliably manage their symptoms and – more importantly – become even healthier and stronger versions of themselves as they transition into the next phase of their lives.

About Curos Inc.:

Curos Health is an integrative telehealth provider specializing in a comprehensive approach to healthcare. Curos Health is a team of medical and naturopathic doctors who leverage technology to provide data-driven health insights producing meaningful results. The company currently offers integrative concierge medicine to patients in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida. Curos Health maximizes any insurance benefits a patient may have to support the company’s vision of making integrative medicine accessible to as many individuals as possible.

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