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Combat Fighter System Reviews – Detailed Report On John Black’s Self Defense Program

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Combat Fighter System Reviews – Detailed Report On John Black’s Self Defense Program

June 08
23:15 2021

Becoming a skilled and pro-level fighter is a common dream among men and this Combat Fighter System review discusses such a program. It involves a bunch of high-level fighting techniques mostly practiced by top-tier and special operation soldiers. These methods are said to help a man be armed with the right skills and tactics to effectively defeat an attacker or a situation, no matter the ferocity. Designed by an experienced army soldier, the Combat Fighter System is said to make the individual more skilled and confident to protect others and handle the scenario without being stressed.

Combat Fighter System Reviews – A Guide To Learn Correct Fighting Strategies?

The Combat Fighter System review provides further insight to clarify its effectiveness. So continue reading!

Combat fighter reviews

Product Name Combat Fighter System
Main Benefits Helps to quickly become a professional fighter
Author John Black
Language English
Price $37
Money-Back Guarantee 60 Days
Official Website Click Here

What Is Combat Fighter System?

Combat Fighter System is a set of step-by-step spontaneous fighting techniques that enables men to quickly ward off at the same time counter-attack the opponent to surrender. The digital program makes any individual a capable fighter at a faster rate instead of spending years and money on learning fighting techniques separately.

Any man can easily master the Combat Fighter System and does not require special training or prior experience. It helps to present oneself as a seasoned fighter with solid confidence and combat the enemy cleverly.

About The Creator – John Black

According to the official website, the maker of the Combat Fighter System is a Special Forces Operator and goes by the name John Black for safety purposes. John has over 20 years of experience in the military.

The Combat Fighter System program was developed after years of mastering several fighting techniques from instructors of high-level special operations. The best methods were sorted out, field-tested, and combined into the Combat Fighter System. 

Click Here To Get The Combat Fighter System Ebook From the Official Website

How Does Combat Fighter System Program Work?

Combat Fighter System comes with step-by-step techniques that can be easily mastered within a short period. Some of them are:

  • The Center Line Strike: It is said to provide a feeling of knee-jerk when the doctor checks one’s reflexes. This method knocks off the enemy in a quick second which allows the fighter to retreat almost immediately. 
  • Blitz Blast: This method is said to overwhelm the opponent in a few seconds. 
  • The Force Hijack: This one enables the individual to tap into the reflexes which help to deflect and tackle the enemy’s force back to the enemy itself. 
  • The Surgical Strike: It consists of techniques such as Underhand Ocular Control which causes an intense neurological disruption that affects the attacker significantly.
  • The One and Done Principle: It helps the individual to quickly identify the opponent’s target and respond with a single action to win the fight easily. 
  • The Tipping Point Principle: This method enables the person to recognize the right moment to shift from defense mode to attack mode. 
  • The Third Eye situational awareness techniques: Through this technique, one develops the subconscious skills to identify and take advantage of the subtle chances left by the attackers. 

Combat Fighter System-self defense

Benefits Of Combat Fighter System Program

  • Helps to quickly become a professional fighter: Combat Fighter System consists of only the best and most effective fighting techniques which save time on learning. 
  • Boosts self-confidence: The fighting secrets increase the ability to tackle the opponent with ease which automatically increases the man’s self-esteem. 
  • Strengthens the body and mind: Combat Fighter System makes the individual physically and mentally capable to handle any situation. 
  • Helps to become more alert: Most of the methods in the system teach the learner to recognize the opponent’s weakness and take action at the right moment. Thereby, the person becomes more aware of the surroundings. 
  • Enables to protect oneself and others: Combat Fighter System teaches any man to overcome dangerous circumstances without any fear. As a result, the individual is capable enough to easily escape and save others without any harm. 

What Is Included In Combat Fighter System?

Combat Fighter System involves instinctive fight techniques that empower a man to handle any opponent without enduring failure. It helps to remain calm under stress and learn the behavior of the attacker quickly to overwhelm the opponent in a few seconds.

By mastering the Combat Fighter System, any man can take complete control of the threat and protect himself and others. The mainstream martial arts and other modes of defense most of the times results in a bloody nose and other injuries.

The methods prescribed in the Combat Fighter System program are meant to avoid these effects by deflecting and forcing it back to the opponent. The Force Hijack technique is such an example.

Mastering the Combat Fighter System program requires a few hours and upon completion, the learner would have become more confident, strong, and quick to defeat the opponent without being afraid or feeling the need to hide. Therefore, in any critical moment of threat, one can make use of the right fighting secret to achieve victory easily.  

Pros And Cons Of Combat Fighter System


  • Affordable than separate fighting classes. 
  • Simple and easy steps for fast understanding. 
  • Special bonuses for better learning. 
  • Digital version for instant access. 
  • 60 Day hassle-free refund policy. 


  • No physical version available. 
  • Individual results can vary. 

Who Is The Combat Fighter System For?

Men who want to develop or improve defense skills are suitable candidates for the Combat Fighter System. The techniques provide complete guidance on becoming physically and mentally strong and capable to battle even mighty opponents.

The instructions are in simple language so that any man can easily pick up the tricks and practice well. By the time the individual fully masters these fighting secrets, the person would have become highly alert at all times and skillful enough to protect anyone during need.

Is Combat Fighter System Legit?

The legitimacy of the Combat Fighter System can be seen from the positive experiences of thousands of men who used this program as well as Combat Fighter System reviews. Most report having felt a massive change in attitude and personality besides the physical transformation.

Each of the combat methods used in the Combat Fighter System program is battle-tested by both inexperienced civilians and top soldiers. Most of the techniques are commonly used by the SEALs and Delta Force in the United States, JTF-2 of Canada, British SAS, and many another top tier 1 spec ops units in different parts of the world.

Also, as per the Combat Fighter System reviews, the creator being a Special Forces Operator has performed these Combat Fighter System techniques to tackle highly life-threatening situations. 

Combat fighter customer reviews

Combat Fighter System Pricing And Availability

Combat Fighter System is provided at $77 based on a discount. The creator also offers 60% off by which the Combat Fighter System program can be bought at $37. Only the official site of Combat Fighter System sells the real program at these offers. One can have complete access to the entire program and bonuses immediately after payment. 

A 60-day hassle-free money guarantee is assured with the purchase of the Combat Fighter System. Thereby, if the user does not find any significant results, the payment is refunded with no questions asked.

Combat Fighter System Bonuses Packages

The creator provides 3 free bonuses to the Combat Fighter System that can work well with the techniques prescribed in the program. These are originally rated at $79. 

  1. Advanced Situational Awareness: This manual comes with a set of observation, monitoring, and scanning techniques that helps to avoid attacks and violence pre hand.
  2. Alpha Survival: This manual teaches pro-level tips and tricks to be well-prepared for safety during emergency scenarios. The case studies include everything from simple power outages to massive attacks. 
  3. Alpha Nation online-coaching community: It is a one-of-a-kind online community comprising motivated men called Alpha Nation. The user gets free access for 30 days to get a head start for learning the combat skills mentioned in the program. This section consists of hundreds of videos and articles on becoming a man and a leader of high power. This also includes maintaining fitness as well as crucial ground-fighting techniques. 

combat fighter bonuses

Final Verdict – Combat Fighter System Reviews

Combat Fighter System proves to be a useful way to master the top fighting secrets without spending too much time or money. The simple and precise steps allow any guy to become an efficient fighter in a short period.

The majority of the men who tried out the Combat Fighter System program are found to have improved ability to handle danger. Combat Fighter System bonuses are helpful to enhance fighting skills. And even if one is skeptical or has acquired zero results from the Combat Fighter System program, the 60-day money-back guarantee ensures a risk-free experience.

Click Here To Get The Combat Fighter System Ebook From the Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)


  •  Can women use the Combat Fighter System?

The techniques in Combat Fighter System program are mostly designed for men to increase fighting power. 

  •  How to use the Combat Fighter System? 

Simply follow the instructions as provided and put them to practice during times of threat or attack.

  • Is the physical version of the Combat Fighter System available?

No.  It is only provided in digital format.

  • Does Combat Fighter System include refund? 

Yes, a 60-day money-back guarantee is assured with zero hassles. 

  • Where to buy the Combat Fighter System? 

Combat Fighter System can be purchased only from the product’s official website 

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