US Consumer Weekly Article: Consumer Defend and Recover Program Offers the Latest Timeshare Cancellation Services

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US Consumer Weekly Article: Consumer Defend and Recover Program Offers the Latest Timeshare Cancellation Services

June 07
21:26 2021

US Consumer Weekly Report has the spotlight on Consumer Consulting Group.  

CCG is one of the country’s leading timeshare relief companies available. There have been dramatic and noticeable new timeshare cancellation companies arriving on the timeshare cancellation battlefield. Many of these companies do not have a physical location or provide any real relief. Timeshare relief companies who have access to consumer reporting, provides legal document drafting and processing, manages consumer fraud reporting and recovery, and are operational experts in LexisNexis Risk Solution have the tools to cancel timeshares. The company is a certified five-star consulting company with a board of professional advisors. CCG helps clients save money, clear credit, and remove liability from unwanted or disputable timeshare contracts most efficiently.

Thousands of timeshare owners reported to have been lied to, scammed, taken advantage of, defrauded, and so on. CCG developed a proprietary timeshare cancellation solution, “Consumer Defend and Recover”. The fight against deceptive timeshare companies and financial institutions has their hands full with CCG. The monthly or yearly fees for a timeshare in which society itself has deemed, “valueless according to the IRS, outrageously priced, nonexistent customer service when calling the resort, and a grotesque display of fraud”.

“When charge cards or personal loans originated unknowingly to the timeshare owner someone needs to act in defense of these timeshare owners. Unfortunately, there are not many companies who care about them. I have taken my passion for helping people, and formerly organized CCG. Now, I have an A list team of consumer defense pros with like minds to help our clients, protect them against deceptive organizations, and save them as much money as possible”. States from CEO Mark Anderson.

In doing research, the timeshare cancellation industry provided no similar verified exit programs in comparison to, “Consumer Defend and Recover” program. The program boasts fast negotiations, credit monitoring with credit management, dedicated teams of account managers, proper case building and discovery reports for legal assistance, affordable asset protection services, debt collector defense, and timeshare membership negotiations. The “Consumer Defend and Recover” program is supported with a dedicated team of account managers, customer support specialists, legal professionals, risk management experts, certified credit managers and timeshare relief advisors. CCG is full-service for timeshare cancellation, credit protection and debt negotiation. The “Consumer Defend and Recover” program works with brand-new owners as well as seasoned ones. So, whether you are under financing or only have maintenance fees you are a good fit.

We provide results with a money-back guarantee, targeted credit protection and a free consultation. Do you want accountability, results, and cost-effectiveness? We have the most advanced program to date. Paid off, Montaged, Default, Pending Foreclosure, New Purchase, Transfers, Inherited Deeds, Have Been Defrauded, or Pre-Foreclosure Timeshares are being accepted into our program”, says CEO, Mark Anderson.

CCG’s clients receive permanent timeshare cancellation, powerful debt collector defense, active credit management, precise legal case development, successful credit card disputes, and more. From beginning to end, CCG’s seamless “Consumer Defend and Recover” timeshare cancellation program puts them ahead of all the competition. The company is willing to customize service requirements so that the client can focus on a life of timeshare freedom.

All clients are assigned to a dedicated servicing team. This allows for custom attention to each need and a focus on case specific goals. Our customer interaction and proven strategy reinforce the relationship we have with our clients. The account management team delivers monthly updates to all active cases. The credit management team provides credit monitoring and account disputing. We have worked on thousands of fraud cases, consumer trade rights violations, identity theft recovery, economic hardship cases, ownership transfers, and economic hardship restructuring. We also have an online client portal which is accessible 24/7. The client portal displays credit scores, the account status, sent disputes, provides direct messaging to all team members, and has a full resource center promoting healthy credit habits, and asset protection. This powerful resource allows 100% transparency and as a client you will never be in the dark”, says, Mark Anderson.

Consumer Consulting Group handles every aspect of the clients’ case. The proprietary timeshare cancellation program, “Consumer Defend and Recover” provides timeshare owners a real option to rid themselves of their timeshares. All the cases are unique which reinforces custom disputing and reporting. The “Consumer Defend and Recover” program handles every aspect of the case from direct disputes, formal complaint filings, consumer credit monitoring and management, defend against debt collections, stop, or defend against pre-foreclosure, provides a national network of attorneys and more.CCG is a US-based company headquartered out of Orlando, Florida. The company has plans to expand across the US to provide client support locations. The “Consumer Defend and Recover” program has grown in reputation for its exceptional service and its growing list of options. 

Each client is special and has an individual need. We do not encourage assembly line services. Instead, we focus on boutique style relationships where our passion for consumer defense shines. We are like no other in the timeshare cancellation industry. Our program took 3 years of development before the release publicly. I have been the Director of other firms, the general manager at another, and the vice president of client credit and risk for one of the largest exit companies out there. I reversed engineered working programs leaving out the downfalls. So instead of reacting to program failures we already had a solution for them. 90% of the current market share has not changed their timeshare cancellation process or services. This means zero credit help, no debt collector aide, no disputing of third-party credit cards or deceptive bank loans. It is safe to say we are about 3-4 years ahead of the current competition,” says Mark Anderson. 

“Each client deserves special care and attention. The “Consumer Defend and Recover” program continues to expand the business while staying true to its founding morals. We focus on, “Results Through Integrity”, which is our program motto,” a comment from Sally Munsch a Vice President for Consumer Consulting Group.

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