Dragon Ball Super Season 2 – Ready to release or canceled?

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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 – Ready to release or canceled?

June 03
21:14 2021

Are you ready for the release of Dragon Ball Super Season 2? If yes, you are amongst the super fans of this series.

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Dragon Ball Super Season 1 has become one of the most favorite shows of people around the globe. Even its merchandise has managed to earn a lot of fame and profit because of the large spread fans group.

The Goku-Vegeta characters have managed to rule the heart of people. Also, they remain with them in the form of printed t-shirts, keychains, and many other accessories. 

As the first season was an instant hit, now enthusiasts have their breath stuck over the Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Let’s see what the latest updates of this anime series are!

Dragon Ball Super is a sequel of Dragon Ball by the creator Akira Toriyama.

It is an anime adaptation of manga series illustrated by Toyotaru. The manga series was first published in Shueisha’s shonen on June 20, 2015.

It became undoubtedly popular worldwide, and hence Viz media produced the manga into English versions. The same goes for English copies. They also sold out super quick.

Toei Animation decided to adapt it into anime series, and season 1 aired from July 2015 to March 2018. An OVA film title- Dragon Ball Super: Broly, also came into action in December 2018. Now, fans have their eyes on season 2. Let’s see what happens in it.

Will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 ever release?

With great success comes great profit. And Dragon Ball Super already has a great profit.

Hence, the creators’ team might not dump the chance of producing the second part of the anime series.

Even the pressure of fans demanding for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is increasing day by day. But after the release of the film in 2018, there is no official news about the release of the second season. Let’s see there is an official release date for season 2 or not!

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date [Expected!]

The highly expected release date of season 2 can be somewhere in 2021 or in 2022. But it can get late!


Because the quality of the show has to be maintained, or else fans and critics will give negative reviews. This thing is not appreciable by the creators. It will directly affect the position and profit earning margin from this anime.

So, suppose you want to watch a qualitative Dragon Ball Super Season 2 with some awesome animation and editing. In that case, you might have to wait for some more time!

As said – ‘Better things never come, Easy!’

Just like that, if you want something blockbuster, you have to wait for the process of its production and release. But let’s hope to see the second season soon.

What will happen in Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

High expectations are being kept with the storyline of season 2. No matter what, it will follow the source material – the manga series for its plot. But fans want to know what might happen in season 2.

The second part might begin with Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. This part is also known as Moro Arc.

It will begin from the material where season 1 ended. If you felt that there were cliffhangers left in the first part of this series, then you will get its answer in the second season.

It might happen that if enough source material is available, then season 2 might end with a twist. And we have to wait for its solution in Dragon Ball Super Season 3. 

Hence, nothing can be predicted here. Let’s wait for the future of this series and see what happens next!

Official Trailer of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Are you still finding for an official trailer? 

If yes, you are inviting sadness!

Because season 2’s official trailer is yet to release.

We have our eyes on the officials. As soon as they come up with any new declaration regarding the release of season 2, we will update you via our page.

For that, you have to bookmark this page and visit it regularly for the latest updates. If you have not watched the trailer of season 1, here it is. Enjoy!

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/wuIbeQv3v7c

Main characters to appear in Season 2

[Spoiler Alert!]

Here is a spoiler alert for you guys. So if you hate spoilers, do not read this portion and skip to the next title.

If you love to read spoilers, here is one spoiler for you!

A new villain named MORO might enter in Dragon Ball Super Season 2. The role of Goku and Vegeta will be to defeat this monster and win!

Where to watch Dragon Ball Super English Dubbed episodes?

Dragon Ball Super is an anime series that is available on Netflix. It is available worldwide.

Get your subscription done and watch it on this platform. If it is not available in your area, get a VPN and enjoy watching the show with your friends and family members.

If you are fan of Naruto then you must check this: naruto shippuden filler list & boruto filler list to avoid watching fillers and save your time!


In the end, we still have confusion about the second part’s release date! Let’s see when the production house will fire up their enthusiasm and release season 2.

Till then, if you have any new updates for your favorite anime series, connect with us through your comments. Also, suppose you are an anime lover. In that case, thebestofotaku is one of the best websites to read more about your favorite anime and new seasons. So, stay tuned with us, and happy reading!

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