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PDRVC has announced the launching of Aresto, an AI solution that is designed to tackle the backdrop of data scarcity

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PDRVC has announced the launching of Aresto, an AI solution that is designed to tackle the backdrop of data scarcity

April 13
23:52 2021
Aresto is an AI solution developed by PDRVC that helps enterprises and businesses overcome data scarcity in artificial intelligence (AI)

Data is an essential aspect of training machines, and its scarcity, or lack of it, is one of the major bottlenecks for AI systems. It is the number one reason most projects never come to fruition. In addition to its scarcity, the everyday data that the organizations collect holds no significance of its own. It can only define a limited segment of the society with common interests based on religion, ethnicity, gender, community, and other biases due to its scope and limitations.

Aresto is an algorithm built with the requisite components to ensure that data scarcity no longer possesses limitations. It is a product of over five (5) years of research and development to create generalized AI algorithms that do not require training or supervision. Notable benefits of the Aresto AI solution include:

  1. Removal of the limitations of integrating AI in businesses 
  2. Fast track the adaptation of AI 
  3. Enhancing automation in all working process and
  4. Improved data structuring 

According to Ariel P. Rostami, CEO of PDRVC, “We are removing the entry barriers for all businesses regardless of their size, background, and resources to be able to integrate and take advantage of AI. To achieve our goal of creating a generalized AI classifier, we had to look at the AI architecture from an entirely different and new perspective, and I believe we have come very close to our goal with Aresto.”

By achieving a generalized classification system and a novel contextual NLU algorithm, Aresto has strongly addressed the data bias in ML and AI models.

CMO of PDRVC, Dela Rostami, has this to say “Aresto, at its core, is designed after the human brain, which gives it the ability to seamlessly integrate and scale with add-on modules such as our voice recognition user interface portal.”

This novel algorithm from PDRVC is specially crafted for businesses and enterprises who wish to integrate AI in their work process without facing data limitations or bias while leveraging the PDRVC voice recognition user interface portal. 


PDRVC is a consulting and engineering firm that develops artificial intelligence and machine language architecture. Headed by Ariel Rostami, the company seeks to revolutionize the world of artificial intelligence and machine language by making them readily available and used in the corporate world. 

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