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MARUTOMO CO., LTD. Announces the release of the Beloved Series products.

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MARUTOMO CO., LTD. Announces the release of the Beloved Series products.

February 03
22:57 2021
Marutomo, the leading Japanese food company, announces the release of new products under the Beloved Series on January 1st, 2021, in the United States of America.

New Bonito Dashi 350g

New Bonito Dash

Reduced Salt Dashi

Marutomo Co. LTD is famous for the excellent products it produces for pets. And interestingly, cat lovers have been on the lookout for some of the new products coming from the stables of Marutomo in 2021.

The long-standing Japanese company has been in existence since 1918, producing great products including bonito flake packs, flower bonito flakes, thick/mixed flakes, dried sardines, powdered dashi packs, and many other pet foods.

The Beloved Series products proposed by Marutomo come under three categories of New Bonito Dashi 350g, New Bonito Dashi ST8gX8P, and Reduced Salt Dashi 100g for customers in the United States of America.

The product comes with unique features that make it easily usable and edible by cats. For instance, the raw bonito flakes are already blended with highly fragrant dashi or stock, making them very nutritional. Also, the Beloved Series are well-seasoned in a balanced way to allow a full-fledged soup stock just by dissolving the flakes.

One of the Beloved Series products – the Reduced Salt Dashi 100g, is incredibly unique due to its reduced salt content. The product features about 30% salt content reduction compared with the other general products manufactured by Marutomo. 

Marutomo makes the products for anyone and everyone to easily use them without stress. Since the Beloved Series products are finished into soluble granules, it is very effortless to use any of the products in various situations.

To use any of the products in the Beloved Series, users only have to put 1 teaspoon (4g) per 3 cups (600 ml) of cold or hot water. And by splitting the amount in half, using the first half at the beginning and the last half at the end of cooking, the outcome will turn out incredibly delicious.

There are so many ways to use the Beloved Series Products to prepare delicious dishes, including Miso Soup, Udon, and Fried Rice.

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Founded in 1918, Marutomo is a long-standing Japanese company with business spanning over 100 years. We have a wide range of products and categories such as; bonito flake packs, flower bonito flakes, thick/mixed flakes, dried sardines, dashi stock, etc. Products come as liquid dashi, powdered dashi packs, and even pet food.

It is one of the country’s top companies and was also the first food manufacturing company in Japan to conform to standards set by HACCP, the world’s systematic manufacturing standard, and GMP.

Additionally, by acquiring the appropriate certification, we can deliver safety and security to our factories.  FSSC22000 (Dashinomoto factory No.2) ISO22000 (Headquarters, Factory No.2 and No.3 (Liquid/Cooking) / Dashinomoto / Dashinomoto Sendai Factory No.2) 

Company Profile

Company Name: MARUTOMO CO., LTD.

Location: 1696-Kominato, Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture

Representative: Hitoshi Imai, President and CEO

Established: November 1918

URL: and

Field of Business: flower bonito, bonito flake packs, dried bonito flakes, dried sardines, dashi stock, noodle broth, chilled products (seafood, etc.), assorted gift packages, supplements, and pet food.

For inquiries from customers and the press regarding this release, please contact:

Global brand Inc. / JAPAN





Media Contact
Company Name: Global Brand, Inc.
Contact Person: Takahiro Yamada
Email: Send Email
Phone: +81-(0)52-686-2095
Country: Japan

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