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Innovative anti-microbial coating for mobile phones, Wipe On Armor launched on Kickstarter

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Innovative anti-microbial coating for mobile phones, Wipe On Armor launched on Kickstarter

January 28
23:51 2021

Forget regular mobile-phone sprays that often fail to clean and disinfect mobile phones successfully. Victor Lee, a Singapore-based out-of-the-box innovator, has recently launched a breakthrough nano-technology based anti-microbial coating applicator on Kickstarter for mobile phones or other smart devices has proven to clean and disinfect with 96% success. Titled “Wipe On Armor,” the applicator has shown to eliminate bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus successfully.

The first-of-its-kind, Wipe On Armor is a nano-technology based handy applicator pen dipped in a highly powerful anti-microbial liquid coating. The innovative device is easy to carry and offers 7-days of protection on one application.

“Did you know your mobile phone is 10x dirtier than your toilet seat? Yes, you heard me right. Think about it- you carry your mobile phones all the time with you, whether you are going out shopping or driving to the office or hanging out in a café, your phone is your constant companion. As a result, your phone comes in contact with germs 24×7 and contains 400x more bacteria than your toilet seat. Unfortunately, most of us are not mindful about cleaning the phone regularly. You might mention phone cleaner sprays here, but they have already proven to be unsuccessful in disinfecting the phone. Put simply; your mobile phone poses more risks of bacterial and virus infection than a lot of apparently dirtier stuff. This is where our innovative Wipe On Armor will come to your rescue,” stated Lee.

While talking about the inspiration behind Wipe on Armor, Lee mentioned a conversation with his dear friend Dr. Steve on how to keep mobile phones clean. Dr. Steve had earlier created a powerful anti-microbial solution for hospitals to deal with hospital-acquired infections. It was while discussing the anti-microbial coating that Lee had his lightbulb moment. He realized all one needs here is a handy applicator that will enable users to apply this industry-proven anti-microbial liquid coating to disinfect mobile phones and carry it around easily. And thus, Wipe on Armor was born.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to use the Wipe On Armor –

  1. Shake pen well before use
  2. Press tip of the pen repeatedly till solution wets applicator
  3. Brush the pen tip on your mobile phone (or other smart devices) to spread the anti-microbial solution evenly all across your device surface
  4. Remove microfiber cloth from the other side of the pen 
  5. Wait for 20 seconds to let the solution do the cleaning
  6. Now, wipe out the liquid on the mobile surface with the microfiber cloth till the surface is all shiny and sparkling clean.

“Wipe on Armor is just the thing that we all have been looking for for a long time to keep our phones clean and keep microbial infections at bay. It’s even more crucial today in the current pandemic times when the whole world is under the threat of a menacing virus. We have successfully created a commercial product by now and are presently looking for mass production. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Wipe on Armor to the world and make things safer for all of us.”

To show your support or learn more, please visit their Kickstarter campaign:

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Company Name: Wipe On Armor
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore

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