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DGA Management Services Teaching Financial Literacy One Person at a Time

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DGA Management Services Teaching Financial Literacy One Person at a Time

January 11
21:54 2021
DGA Management Services Teaching Financial Literacy One Person at a Time

Don Anthony’s story is a very inspiring one because, like many other people, he was going through what was probably the worst time of his life. Fresh from walking away from his career in the music industry, coupled with losing his business, investments, relationship, car, and home. As a last resort, Don decided to reach out to his lifelong friend, Charles Ellis.

At the time, Charles was trying to rebuild his credit after losing his security clearance in the military for having bad credit, and this happened while he was going through a divorce. Though Don showed no interest in what Charles was trying to do at the time because he felt it was of no importance to him. He eventually showed interest after realizing how beneficial the venture could be. Together they started working to build their credit profiles, which in turn changed their lives forever.

Don Anthony became obsessed with his credit profile, and he started to research everything available on personal credit building. Don discovered the blueprint for their credit profile building success, and this was the basis on which DGA Management Services LLC was established.

DGA Management Services is an educational profile building platform with an emphasis on building wealth over a lifetime. DGA Management plans to capture the 18- to 25-year-old market, right out of high school, college, and workforce. The company hopes to teach financial literacy because they believe it will be the determinant in moving the country forward, even though financial literacy is not taught in schools nowadays. DGA intends to create business structures for tax purposes and help people formulate early 401K saving strategies. Also, they intend to help them learn about cashflow insurance and how it works to safeguard their wealth, help them grow their money, and increase the cash flow.

Don learned that the answer to a good credit profile was not in the credit score but the scores’ profile. If your profile is thin or invisible, you get low credit scores. If you beef up your profile by adding positive tradelines, revolving accounts, low utilization, perfect payment history, and have very few inquiries. Your score would shoot through the roof. Don started with a 543 credit score and improved to a 761; Charles started with a 510 credit score and improved to a 769. 

With over 200-point increases, Don Anthony and Charles Ellis, along with a few other friends who also built impressive profiles using these same tactics, is something they thought could benefit many people. DGA Management Services LLC decided to partner with CCAT Enterprises LLC and form a financial literacy business relationship. The establishment of this company was out of pure necessity while looking for ways to fund their businesses.

On the plans for the future, Don said, “DGA Management Services is currently creating a blockchain-backed credit union that would call for a secure public network or portal, that could be useful for underserved communities as a resource for personal and business funding. And this would augment the current for-profit credit reporting agencies that would use a public ledger, transparent algorithm.  Therefore eliminating security issues, inconsistencies in personal information, inaccurate information, unnecessary reporting by collection agencies, and easily hacked passwords used in today’s financial institutions.”

To learn more about DGA, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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