DiebestenVPN continue to push down cyber crime

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DiebestenVPN continue to push down cyber crime

December 03
22:51 2020
DiebestenVPN continue to push down cyber crime

December 3, 2020 – The continually growing rates of cybercrime have started to become alarming as more and more unwitting computer users are finding themselves falling victim to online theft and fraud. With so many more people resorting to working through their own computers and Internet connections, businesses have never been so susceptible to attack. However, DiebestenVPN has announced they are reaching out to more people to help put a stop to the increase.

“With a global pandemic hanging over us, there are many reasons as to why the rates of cybercrime are on the increase. Many people simply cannot afford for their data and personal savings to be stolen with such uncertainty at the moment, so we are reaching out to them in order to level out the playing field.” – CEO of DiebestenVPN.

There are many actions and precautions which can be taken in order to help minimise online theft, one of which is to acquire a VPN. Virtual Private Networks have also been growing in popularity through recent years and DiebestenVPN is keen to emphasise that these networks really can make a difference.

Operating through an encrypted wavelength, VPN services offer an advanced route to Internet safety with complex passwords, firewalls, anti-malware installations, and more. With a unique 16 or 32 bit password for each individual connection, it is no surprise that a connection using a VPN network is virtually impenetrable. 

“A VPN may not be everyone’s first choice initially,” continues DiebestenVPN CEO. “But once you have experienced the safety net of a VPN and what it can offer you in the peace of mind, you won’t want to change back.”

There are many different VPN firms available on the Internet offering generally the same kind of services but it is always best to do some proper research before joining up any particular service provider. Some may have different perks available for you, and some can even offer much faster connection speeds. It all boils down to the end user’s preferences and requirements. 

The CEO of DiebestenVPN finally remarked that “staying safe is more important than ever. There are some desperate people out there turning to hacking as a source of income so now the best time to protect yourself from unthinkable consequences.” 

About DiebestenVPN

Now an established firm on the computer privacy market, DiebestenVPN works alongside Internet users in order to find the best deals and best codes of practice to stay safe online and minimise the chances of hacker success. Offering advice all through the year with a dedicated team of advisers, they continually add to their database of information to provide the latest and up to date information, cementing their firm foothold in the market.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding online safety or acquiring a VPN service, you can get some more help through their website https://diebestenvpn.ch. Or alternatively, you can also reach out to them through their address:

Heinz Schmitt
Bahnhofstrasse 13
7000 Zurich 3

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Phone: 032 722 52323
Country: Switzerland
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