DebesteVPN educates users to find the best possible VPN that meets their requirements

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DebesteVPN educates users to find the best possible VPN that meets their requirements

December 03
22:45 2020
DebesteVPN educates users to find the best possible VPN that meets their requirements

December 3, 2020 – Popular Dutch company DebesteVPN has revealed how they aim to educate all computer users on how to use the privacy and security products at their disposal. Being educated and informed about the latest products designed to protect people and their online accounts is a prerogative to battling the growing number of online thefts and steep increase in cybercrime.

“Hackers have worked tirelessly to hone their skills, but sadly there are many instances in which the crime could have been prevented,” says leading VPN Executive. “We work with the ethic that everyone should be entitled to basic knowledge and understanding of how to look out for traps set by hackers. If the people are informed, they become more aware of their surroundings and will be able to inform the relevant authorities swiftly.”

Following on from the movement to inform the millions of computer users on how to protect themselves properly online, there’s also the notion to showcase what characteristics to look out for to prevent being caught in a trap.

One of the most common techniques computer users are being made aware of is the dark art of phishing. Unlike the calm and relaxing hobby, many uses as a pastime, phishing spelled with ph is a simple but clever routine which hackers use in order to trick computer users into providing them access to all the unknowing victim’s personal files, images, and systems. 

Quite often taking place within seconds, a hacker can use various methods to obtain access to a private account just by planting a link. This piece of code gives the hacker everything they could possibly need to cause any kind of inconvenience as they wish. So what makes phishing so dangerous?

The trouble with phishing is that it looks almost real. Methods integrated with phishing include constructing fake websites, sending direct SMS text messages or emails direct to private accounts. Planting one link on one of those options could be the end of a user’s life savings. 

Getting around fake websites can be very difficult as they are so cleverly put together. However, there are ways of knowing you are looking at a fake site instead of the real deal. DebesteVPN states that there will always be something wrong with the way it looks, reads or it just gives you a bad feeling. Going with your gut is the best action you could possibly take in order to prevent unthinkable damage to personal files.

About DebesteVPN

Instead of promoting services costing users money, DebesteVPN works to inform the wider audience of all the ins and outs of computing and how to put actions in place to prevent online fraud and theft from occurring. When VPNs are on the rise, now’s the best time to act. 

Offering support around the clock, the team can be contacted directly through their website, or at their address:

Eerste Verdelingsweg 175
4645 RT Putte

Media Contact
Company Name: DebesteVPN
Contact Person: Vera B van Zanden
Email: Send Email
Phone: 06-88352206
Country: Netherlands

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