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August 01
00:00 2020

In this day and age, people have begun to focus and pay more attention to their health care. And at that time, health-related products were gradually attracting them, including pharmaceuticals.

When you need a product for health care, perhaps the choice of a quality product, a reasonable price, and especially 100% genuine, is a problem.

And we understand the difficulties you face!

Therefore, OTC Pharmaceutical was born and helped to solve problems for you. In order to solve the above problems, we will handle customer requests as follows.

Introduction about us: is a Prestige e-commerce website No. 1 distributes GENUINE Functional Foods.

For customers who do not know which product to choose or whether the product they choose is right for them?

– We have a team of University Pharmacists who can advise on how to solve the problem that you are facing.

– Therefore, a thorough exchange of information with counselors is necessary.

For customers still wonder genuine:

All products at OTC Pharmacy have full receipts and vouchers for customers.

If the customer is not satisfied with the product received:

Customers can respond and get a 100% refund.

And especially customers are not satisfied with the attitude and service of the staff, please feedback to the company’s management. You will be dealt with until you feel satisfied.

Appropriate price is an important factor associated with the quality of service.

What we have?

The products we bring to our customers are committed to being reputable products that are genuine imported.

These supplements will assist in the treatment of the following diseases:

– Gout

– Hemorrhoids

– Cancer support

– Cholesterol

– Hair growth, black hair

– Male / Female physiology

– Diabetes

– Prostate

– Heart

– Blood pressure

– Osteoarthritis

– Fat

– Thyroid

– Digestive

– Insomnia

– Dwarf disease

– Anemia

Some foods support women’s beauty, such as:

– Collagen

– Weight loss

– Aging

– Round 1 gain

– Deep brown

Note: The above OTC functional products are not medicines and do not replace medicines. And the effectiveness of the product will also vary depending on the location of each person.


We also regularly deals, promotions discounted items. Please visit our website: for reference as well as more details about the price and origin of the product!

Our policies:

Currently, OTC Pharmaceuticals also has customer-specific policies such as:

– Cooperating in distributing genuine products

– Service complaint policy

– Return policy

– Customer information security policy


5 commitment when customers buy products at Pharmaceuticals

– Product: 100% Product is genuine with full voucher

– Pharmacist Consulting: Graduated from Clinical Pharmaceutical University, specialized in consulting before, during, after buying

– Returns: There is a clear and transparent return and exchange policy for products

– Promotion: Get the best sales promotion for new and Old customers

– Legal: Only trade in products that are authorized by the MOH and the law

Since functional foods are products for body use, please consult your pharmacist carefully before using them.

It started with a passion for medicine, and it took us 5 years to train in the environment of medicine. Therefore, OTC Pharmaceuticals greatest desire is to bring health to the community and the whole society. We look forward to bringing the most satisfaction to our customers. And with the hope that we are one of the leading TPCN businesses to customers nationwide.



Media Contact
Company Name: Duoc Pham
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0981847088
Address:217 Tran Phu Ha Dong
State: Hanoi
Country: Vietnam

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