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Calvin Becerra: How Work Ethic Can Ensure Success, No Matter What Background

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Calvin Becerra: How Work Ethic Can Ensure Success, No Matter What Background

August 01
00:00 2020

Ask any successful high earner what their secret formula is, and the majority of times they’ll tell you their work ethic is what propelled them to achieve their goals. In the case of millionaire entrepreneur Calvin Becerra, this couldn’t be more true.

Becerra started life from humble beginnings, growing up in a disadvantaged community. The first in his family to graduate from university, he always had high expectations for himself and his career, and never ceased in his mission to make something big out of himself.

When Becerra started in the sales industry, he knew nothing about it, having come from a real estate and mortgage banking background. He worked his way up, and that tenacity and drive certainly paid off. Within 8 months, he had become the youngest millionaire in his company.

Becerra believes that it’s important to avoid comparing one’s success to that of others. He says that every person’s story is different, and each individual has different reasons for wanting their own level of success, so it’s good to remember where we come from as a way to connect back with our own roots. 

As someone who grew up in poor conditions, living on food stamps and social welfare, Becerra truly knows what it means to struggle, and showed signs of entrepreneurial potential from a young age. At the age of 8, he and his brother knocked on their neighbors’ doors, asking if they could do any chores. 

This developed into a good rapport within their community, which then resulted in the two young boys working for their neighbors every day. As teenagers, Becerra and his brother both decided they needed to go to a good private high school, but their mother couldn’t afford to send them. Undeterred, the pair worked 3 jobs so that they could pay their own way through high school. Because they had personally earned every single part of that high school experience, they valued it even more, getting top grades and earning full scholarships to colleges. This tenacious thirst for knowledge, growth and success followed Becerra throughout his career, post university.

As a 39-year-old, Becerra still credits his mother for his success, saying she instilled in him and his siblings a drive to achieve more than what society expected of them. However, he also notes that if he had been given ample opportunities to make money easily as a young man, he wouldn’t have had to face the adversity that made him the success he is today. 

Becerra now coaches business owners and teaches them how to grow their revenue, train sales teams and build their brand. At a young age, he took charge of his destiny, creating a sense of ownership within every single success he had. Instead of accepting the fact that he didn’t come from a wealthy family, he used that very fact to propel him forward and inspire him to start businesses that would go on to create huge revenue every year. 

Today, Becerra is instrumental in two billion-dollar companies, namely MonaVie and Jeunesse Global, in which a number of sales people now earn millions of dollars a year themselves. He receives a large amount of passive income from these companies and currently coaches many other successful sales people on a daily basis.

Calvin is now available to coach others on motivation, success, and sales techniques, and regularly shares stages with some of the biggest names in motivational and sales speaking. Calvin is proof of what hard work and dedication can do. If you’re ready change your life for the better or push through to the next level, Calvin is here to help.

You can find him on his website and his YouTube channel, which has hundreds of videos so you can start learning from him right now. 

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