Asif Atta Achieves Full Fellow of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge LTD

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Asif Atta Achieves Full Fellow of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge LTD

June 29
16:29 2022

Asif Atta is a geometer from Pakistan who received an MPhil with the greatest distinction. He recently collaborated with Dr. Jonathan Kenigson of Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited (UK) to produce a series of lecture notes on f(R, T) Scalar-Tensor modified gravity paradigms in the Dynamics of Black Holes. 

According to Dr. Kenigson, “Mr. Atta is very likely the finest geometer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He possesses an astounding ability to translate highly theoretical statements regarding the predicted theoretical structures of f(R, T) Black Holes into questions about Tensor Mechanics and Manifold Theory.” 

According to Dr. Kenigson, “this gentleman has much to give to the international community in theoretical physics and theoretical mathematics. It is very rare to find this combination of abilities in a single individual. In several weeks, Mr. Atta was capable of succinctly contextualizing virtually all known work in the f(R, T) Dynamics of Black Holes into a product that can benefit both mathematicians and physicists.” Black holes are a difficult topic in physics “rendered all the more complex by the nature of the mathematics involved. It is virtually impossible to separate questions of Cosmology from those of the structure of Black Holes. These fields share an intimate tapestry of connections with Riemannian Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, and various Field Theories.” As a result of Mr. Atta’s Contributions, he will be made a full Fellow of Athanasian Hall immediately.

Athanasian Hall, Cambridge Limited is a think-tank based in the UK with scholars working internationally. There are more than 40 Fellows whose interests span all major areas of the Quadrivium. Athanasian Hall is the largest such institute in the world today. The institute is operated for scholars by scholars and is open to top applicants who have uncanny aptitudes for the mathematical sciences or related philosophical and computational fields.

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