Digital Goods Are the Dark Horse of the Wealth Outlet of the Digital Economy

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Digital Goods Are the Dark Horse of the Wealth Outlet of the Digital Economy

June 28
10:53 2022

Since the birth of blockchain technology, the value contained in it has entered people’s attention in the form of digital currency. The digital currency in the 1.0 blockchain era represented by Bitcoin, as the first application of blockchain technology, has always been used by people. Considered as the “representative work” of blockchain technology, the era of blockchain 2.0 is the application of smart contracts, then the era of blockchain 3.0 is the digital economy empowering the real economy. With the implementation of blockchain in application scenarios, the integration with the real economy will also become closer.


DGE (Digital Good Equity, DGE) is a digital asset issued by Zhuo-Yun-Lian-He-Jing-An Digital Asset Trading Center and ZT Digital Asset Exchange, which is anchored and issued by the real profit of the entity ecology. The call of the national digital economy construction policy is to reform the business ecology of enterprises and promote the establishment of a closed-loop ecology of circular economy. DGE not only respects the rights and interests of every consumer, but also allows consumers to get due feedback. Based on the transparency and impartiality of blockchain technology and the advantages of non-tampering data, DGE can improve the activity of the consumer market through a relatively highly fair incentive mechanism. Therefore, DGE is building a new entity ecology + digital economy with high efficiency Circular consumption growth wealth system.

Simply put, DGE is to digitize, capitalize and circulate the real profits of the physical ecology, and realize the transfer, exchange, savings and distribution of value. Let DGE have intrinsic value, use value, and savings value, so that consumers and investors in the ecosystem can be willing to hold or trade DGE. Because of the use value and savings value of DGE, it comes from the growth factor of the real profit of the real economy. This value The growth part will also distribute dividends to DGE holders, forming a virtuous ecological cycle between the real economy, tokens and investors. From the perspective of the future development trend of blockchain, DGE, as a pioneer in the actual application scenarios of real economy + digital economy, will surely become a unicorn in industry application scenarios.

In the future, DGE will also be applied in many fields such as cross-border payment, supply chain finance, and enterprise digital chain reform. DGE will be launched on June 26, 2022 on the ZT Exchange, which is controlled by central enterprises. The real economy + digital economy wealth new outlet represented by DGE is coming to us in a big step…

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