The Solar System As We Know It Does Not Exist

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The Solar System As We Know It Does Not Exist

June 24
17:36 2022
The Solar System As We Know It Does Not Exist
The Solar System As We Know It Does Not Exist By Lewis Fofanah
Never in the history of human existence has a lie been so pervasive and easily refutable yet, taken as a fact. People don’t even think that it is a lie. For many years I also took it to be a fact.

This is a masterpiece written by Lewis Fofanah. He is here to debunk the universal ideologies we grew up believing. This book draws a line between the truth and the tuned truth constructed by astrophysicists. He calls them out with his own knowledge and research-backed with the ultimate ‘truth’ of religion. Through his easy-to-comprehend narrative, he wants to educate the world about the misconception they have all been living with.

Fofanah has described in his work that for centuries, people have believed in a lie, that the world is a globe. He brings to the table the scriptures of God and through his engineering knowledge, logical examples, and calculations, he attempts to clarify the haze that we are living in. To him, round earth is not scientifically possible. He believes that the astrophysicists want to keep the people in a knot, indulged in a non-existent solar system carved through the fancies of the ones in charge, as their aim is to mislead the world from the true power bearer, God.   

This book will engage you in a pondering frenzy, pulling the strands that hold the entire structure in place, making you aware of the invisible arms providing it power, how the minds are programmed from day one through the means of media and the normal things surrounding us. Influence is fatal, and human beings are chained to an invisible rope that is in the hands of the authorities.

Satan has made use of that principle in dealing with us. He sent his disciple to instill in us a lie, and we are completely powerless to see it as a lie.

He is on a mission to bring back the misguided ones to the right path. To make another attempt but with a calculative strategy, to dissect the programming and pull the readers out of the trance. He has mentioned in his book three methods for the readers to find out themselves whether the earth is flat or a globe. As the book progresses, he touches upon the economic and political power of the fake solar system.

The novel, The Solar System As We Know It Does Not Exist is now available for purchase in e-book format from Amazon.

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