Is Dedicated and Scalable Marketing Support Truly Possible? SharedTEAMS Thinks So.

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Is Dedicated and Scalable Marketing Support Truly Possible? SharedTEAMS Thinks So.

June 24
18:22 2022
Combining the flexibility of a freelancer marketplace with the coordination, quality, and consistency of a top-tier agency.

SharedTEAMS, a membership-based “shared marketing department,” has known for years that the traditional marketing agency model is antiquated and ineffective. And the post-COVID era demand for scalable, reliable marketing underscores the need for marketing support to be flexible and on-demand.

In-house marketing teams traditionally have only a few options when it comes to getting marketing support: hire more staff or outsource the work – either to marketing agencies or freelancers.

When marketing leaders work with traditional agencies, they quickly realize that fees are high, contracts are restrictive, transparency is low, and assigning new projects is cumbersome.

Freelancers are often more cost-effective and on-demand but also fragmented. Outcomes are often unpredictable because they don’t operate as a truly coordinated extension of your marketing team.

SharedTEAMS is the perfect medium between a freelance marketplace and a traditional marketing agency. Their marketing services are on-demand, their team is coordinated, and the work is fully transparent.

SharedTEAMS was designed from the ground up to provide marketing leaders with a full-scale marketing team in an on-demand and affordable capacity. Unlike most marketing operations, they created a powerful, modern solution that allows their full-scale team to act as an extension of in-house marketing departments by providing coordinated services.

They took the flexibility of freelancers and combined it with the consistency, quality, and coordination of top-tier agencies to create SharedTEAMS. Then they created and customized a platform to deliver their marketing services, creating a truly modern solution.

All SharedTEAMS members complete an onboarding process that provides SharedTEAMS with the business and brand details needed to create cohesive marketing content, from eBooks and lead magnets to full website redesigns and social media campaigns.

SharedTEAMS has been serving modern businesses across North America since 2010 and they’ve recently seen an uptick in marketing teams looking for specialized and scalable solutions to post-COVID challenges. With more than 10 years of proven marketing methodology, this shift in the market has only reinforced SharedTEAMS value to marketers all over the U.S.

Some of SharedTEAMS’ members have enjoyed more than a decade of on-demand, high-quality marketing solutions, while others are finding the current freelance and agency offerings don’t match their specific needs. Marketing departments, managers, generalists, specialists, and business owners, in nearly all industries and verticals, are finding value in SharedTEAMS over the alternatives because of the company’s flexibility, transparency, and high-quality work.

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