Fenix Contractors – Spotless Results Since 2011

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Fenix Contractors – Spotless Results Since 2011

June 23
21:41 2022

Fenix Contractors has been providing spotless results to businesses across the United Kingdom since 2011. 

They are a full-service contractor specializing in raised access floor restoration and installation, commercial cleaning, certifications, and embracing newer technologies such as computerized quality control, timekeeping, and task scheduling systems. They take pride in their work, which shows in their results. 

Raised Access Floor Restoration

Access Floor Services is a raised access flooring contractor specializing in removing adhesive, tar, and glue from metal panels. 

They offer a variety of Access Floor Adhesive Removal and Access Floor Tar And Glue Removal services to their clients to choose the best option for their needs. In addition, they can help with the following Raised Floor System Refurbishment, Raised Access Floor Cleaning; Server Room Raised Floor Installation.

Access Floor Services

They also offer Access Floor Fitting companies to help install new flooring on top of the existing metal panels. 

Their goal is to provide their clients with the best possible service to have a safe and efficient workplace. They can do the following: Access Floor Fitting Companies, Access Floor Adhesive Removal, Access Floor Tar, And Glue Removal.

Suspended Floor Adhesive Removal

There are many reasons someone might need to remove adhesive from their floor. For example, perhaps they’re installing new flooring and need to remove the old adhesive first. Or maybe they have an old floor covered in adhesive, and they want to restore it to its original condition. Whatever the reason, their Adhesive Removal service can help. 

They offer Suspended Floor Adhesive Removal and Concrete Floor Adhesive Removal so that they can handle any floor. They’ll work quickly and efficiently to remove all the adhesives so that the property owner can move on with their project. 

They can also do the following work: Concrete Floor Adhesive Removal, Access Floor Refurbishment, Raised Access Flooring UK, Raised Access Flooring Installers, and Access Flooring Contractors.

Final Thoughts

Fenix Contractors have the experience and skills to clean an access flooring system quickly, safely, and to a high standard. In addition, they will work with their clients to ensure that their service meets their specific needs and requirements. 

This commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation in the industry, and they continue to be one of the most trusted providers of access flooring cleaning services. So when someone is looking for a reliable partner who can help them keep their access flooring system clean and operational, then Fenix Contractors should be the first choice. 

For more information visit https://raf.fenix-contractors.com.

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