Renowned world coach Nazar Ghazali makes waves globally with international awards in the field of fitness and bodybuilding

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Renowned world coach Nazar Ghazali makes waves globally with international awards in the field of fitness and bodybuilding

June 23
08:05 2022
From Iraq to Dubai, Hungary, and Spain, Nazar Ghazali has become a force to be reckoned with in the field of fitness and bodybuilding – as shown in the series of achievements and recognitions he’s earned in the global arena in the past years.

Top world coach Nazar Ghazali, a Kurdish International Champion, continues to carve out his own name in the fitness and bodybuilding industry after garnering more recognitions that put him in the global spotlight.

Born in Duhok, south of Kurdistan, Nazar Ahmed Hussien, who goes by the name Nazar Ghazali, is a bodybuilding athlete and coach, and actor. He holds two master’s certifications in fitness, specializing in nutrition and healthy sport. He earned recognition from international bodies accrediting in educating and training in bodybuilding sports.

“Bodybuilding is one of the hardest sports out there. Bodybuilders are athletes and showmen ourselves because we spend day and night in the gym lifting huge weights in order to build muscle. It is, in principle, a sport of determination and passion,” explains Nazar Ghazali.

Ghazali serves as the president of the Kurdistan Olympic Organization, secretary of the Kurdistan Bodybuilding Union, and the founder and organizer of sports championships and competitions. 

“What bodybuilding enthusiasts should realize is that the motivation to train and reach those body goals can only come from one source – that’s themselves. It’s not really external. It comes from within you – your willingness to learn,” says Ghazali. 

The Kurdish bodybuilder has hosted various local and international championships in Kurdistan and simultaneously prepared and founded several bodybuilding sports centers.

In Kurdistan and Iraq, he got third place in the Duhok championship in 1998, earned the third spot in the Erbil championship in 1999, and finally made it to the top spot in the Duhok Championship in 2000. 

In Iraq, he was able to pull off gold in the Iraq championship in Mosul in 2001 and earned the top spot in the Kurdistan championship in 2003. Apart from winning first place, he got the most beautiful body award in Kurdistan during the Erbil governorate.

However, this did not stop him from learning and achieving more. The Iraqi bodybuilder participated in regional and world championships, where he got a gold medal during the Arabic countries championships in 2004 in Oman, the capital of Jordan.

Ghazali also earned a silver medal in 2004 in the Asian championships held in Manama, Bahrain, and an impressive bronze medal in the opening championships of the all-weights tournament in Doha, Qatar. 

The Asian champion won first place and won the gold medal in a 2009 competition in Thailand. He went on to earn more medals and recognitions in Mumbai, India, Budapest, Hungary, and Madrid, Spain. 

Recently, Ghazali continues to become a force to reckon with in the bodybuilding industry by winning the gold medal during a championship tournament in Greece in 2016, where he placed second overall. 

Those who want to connect and collaborate with Nazar Ghazali may send a direct message to his social channels right away. Others who wish to learn more about Ghazali and his impressive list of achievements may visit the website for more information.

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