HarlanMD Launches its Proprietary Formula for Eczema to the Public After 30 Years

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HarlanMD Launches its Proprietary Formula for Eczema to the Public After 30 Years

June 22
23:50 2022
SmartLotion® is the first-ever prebiotic lotion that targets both root causes of eczema.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Steve Harlan of Harlan MD has finally released his proprietary formulation for eczema, the SmartLotion® formula, which combines sulfur compounded with low-strength hydrocortisone. Dr. Harlan has used SmartLotion® in a clinical setting for the past 30 years to treat over 20,000 patients with eczema. The product has been found to produce “great to excellent results” on 95% of his patients. The product’s launch will expand options for those who have yet to find relief.

Eczema, which refers to several types of inflammatory skin rash, affects approximately 30 million Americans. It’s caused by two things happening at the same time: the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the skin microbiome and the body’s inability to shut off inflammation. In most cases, the immune system activates, destroys the harmful bacteria, shuts off, and prevents flare-ups from occurring. But for people with eczema, this doesn’t happen. Instead, their immune system overreacts, causing recurring red, itchy and scaly rashes.

Current eczema relief products only address one of the two causes of eczema, leading to a never-ending cycle of flare-up then recovery. Moreover, as strong steroids, most prescription products aren’t fit for continuous use. They are typically too strong and can result in severe side effects like perioral dermatitis and topical steroid withdrawal.

SmartLotion® is the only commercially-available product that targets both of the root causes of eczema, and is proven to not cause side effects, even with extended use. Dr. Harlan’s formulation combines 0.5% Sulfur and 0.75% Hydrocortisone to address each root cause individually – harmful bacterial overgrowth and inflammation.

Sulfur, a prebiotic, naturally supports the growth of good bacteria in the skin’s microbiome, keeping it robust and healthy. It also helps inhibit the growth of eczema-causing microbes like yeast and staph. Additionally, sulfur is known to strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from environmental damage, irritants, and other harmful substances.

Hydrocortisone, on the other hand, is an anti-inflammatory and works to reduce and prevent the rash itself: itching, scaling, redness, and swelling.

Despite containing low-strength hydrocortisone, SmartLotion® doesn’t present the same risk as any other steroid product, thanks to the sulfur. In a peer-reviewed study published in 2008, Dr. Harlan demonstrated that when compounded with 0.5% sulfur, 0.75% hydrocortisone will not cause any side effects, even after 15 years of continuous use. This makes SmartLotion® the only corticosteroid-containing product in the world that doesn’t cause side effects when used as directed.

The balance between the two ingredients ensures SmartLotion® is extremely safe for extended, daily preventive use as well as initial control of flare-ups. Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Harlan has allowed for the sale of his proprietary SmartLotion® formula outside of a clinical setting.

SmartLotion® is available for one-time purchase, with subscriptions available for a discount. All purchases come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Find more details here: https://harlanmd.com/.

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