Pure Pima cotton is the foundation of Regno’s line of luxurious tees.

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Pure Pima cotton is the foundation of Regno’s line of luxurious tees.

June 22
23:25 2022
Pima Cotton is one of the finest quality cotton available. It’s a symbol of wealth, style, and excitement.

With the globe and the fashion industry continually striving for new ingredients and processes to produce more durable and long-lasting clothing, sustainability and an environmentally responsible approach are becoming increasingly crucial. Cotton is one of the foundations for sustainability regarding nature, its roots, and the most natural and organic elements. With so many different types and blends of cotton on the market, the https://www.regnocompany.com/ Pima cotton stands out for its elegance and individuality.

Looking for and wearing high-quality textiles is the first step toward creating a better, more sustainable wardrobe. The overall experience and satisfaction of wearing something as simple as a T-shirt are determined by the comfort and warmth of the garment. There is no better choice than Pima cotton when it comes to T-shirts as an essential piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe.

Looking back in time, the Pima cotton is thought to have first appeared in Peru about 5000 years ago. However, it wasn’t until the turn of the millennium that it became more widely made and used in fashion. This variety of cotton is now grown 980 kilometers north of Peru’s capital, almost on the Ecuadorian border. This location is influenced by the climate of two overlapping ocean currents providing the optimal cotton-growing conditions. The formation of natural wax, which coats the cotton fiber and later offers a unique sheen, is fascinating.

Pima cotton’s extra-long fiber is responsible for its luxurious feel and exceptional quality. It measures twice as long as standard threads, ranging from 38 to 41 mm in length. This length produces a nearly 50% more resistant and durable fabric than ordinary cotton. As a result, it may be washed in the washing machine while maintaining its original shape and form, which is crucial for a stunning T-shirt appearance. Furthermore, the Pima cotton’s extra-long fibers provide a charming touch and breathability to the skin, regardless of the temperature.

Regno, as a brand that specializes in Pima cotton T-shirts, is wholly dedicated to the process of creating and producing the highest-quality Pima cotton T-shirts. https://www.regnocompany.com/ Pima cotton T-Shirts are one-of-a-kind, emphasizing the cotton’s pilling, wrinkling, and tearing resistance. So you’re not just investing in your style when choosing Pima cotton T-shirts; you’re also investing in a quality that will last for many years.

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