J.T. Witmer Delves into How the Military Should Prioritize The Mental Health Of Former Military Personnel In New Book Titled “Bronze Star To Dishonor”

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J.T. Witmer Delves into How the Military Should Prioritize The Mental Health Of Former Military Personnel In New Book Titled “Bronze Star To Dishonor”

June 22
06:06 2022
Writer and former military Officer J.T. Witmer, raises awareness about the mental health of army veterans in “Bronze Star to Dishonor: The Dirty Secret the Military Does Not Want You to Know.”

J.T. Witmer is doing his part to ensure that the next generation of veterans and former military personnel can get quality mental health care during and after service with “Bronze Star To Dishonor,”  a tell-it-all book about the state of the military from the perspective of Tom, the protagonist.

Like many Former Military personnel, Tom started off serving in the army with pride, he still hints that his military days will forever be his proudest. He went through multiple combat tours and carried out his duties without hesitation. However, Tom appeared to have given too much and this included his mental health. He suffered severe PTSD symptoms and soon discovered that not only was the military disinterested in helping him, but he could also get in trouble for seeking help. It was only a matter of time before Tom got on the wrong side of the law and became a criminal.

Undoubtedly, a person’s mental health remains one of the most important aspects of their life. Despite that, it continues to get relatively little attention, beyond the political speaking points. The author’s passion for this subject is understandable. Mental health battles are bad enough for the mere civilian who hasn’t been through the rigors of war and survival. Expectedly, military personnel have been found to suffer worse consequences, with many left without a road to redemption. J.T. Witmer is looking to bring the subject to bear as he releases Bronze Star To Dishonor.

In “Bronze Star To Dishonor,” J.T. Witmer draws from his experience as Former Military Officer who spent over three decades in the National Guard, Army Reserves, and Active Duty. The author does not only discuss the problems, he also offers solutions that the military can employ to ensure that mere battle scars do not go on to become mental scars for army personnel.

Bronze Star To Dishonor is available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover formats for interested readers across the globe.

For further information about Bronze Star To Dishonor and other works from J. T. Witmer, visit – https://jtwitmerbooks.com/.

About J. T. Witmer

J.T. Witmer joined the Military at 17 years old, spending the bulk of the next 30 years in the National Guard, Army Reserves, or Active Duty. He wrote a Sci-fi play that found its way up into the attic at 14 before following his dream to be a pilot for the military. However, the writing bug hit him after leaving the military, and he almost immediately began writing after finding his long-lost book in the attic.

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