Oklahoma Tree Service Experts Uses its Tree Trimming Services Simultaneously on 2 Commercial Properties

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Oklahoma Tree Service Experts Uses its Tree Trimming Services Simultaneously on 2 Commercial Properties

June 21
21:55 2022

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Oklahoma Tree Service Experts‘ customer base has swollen in the past decade, and this calls for the company’s quick response to the customers’ requests. The company yesterday completed tree trimming on two separate commercial properties. The properties needed immediate attention because any delay would cost the owners. Working hard to keep its promise of delivering the tree trimming service to the two property owners, the company separated its team into two groups; the first group attended to Elvis’s property, while the other team went to Antonio’s property.

“Tenants on the commercial property had started raising concerns about the absence of proper visibility,” said Elvis. “The trees on the landscape had developed overgrown crowns and were densely blocking their view to the surroundings.”

Elvis noticed that he would lose his tenants if he did not work on his trees as soon as possible. Having used Oklahoma Tree Service Experts on his residential property some time back, the homeowner was sure about contacting the company and requesting help with the trees on his commercial property.

“When the company received the call,” noted Elvis, “they noted they had already scheduled similar services elsewhere in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, customer care noted the company would ensure the trees were trimmed by the close of the business that day. The company kept its promise, and after waiting for nearly thirty minutes, a team arrived on the landscape with every tool they needed to see through the whole procedure. They improved the trees, leaving the landscape looking amazing.”

To know about the company’s previous activities, read this story https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/oklahoma-city-tree-service-experts-donates-20-trees-to-homeowner-after-handling-dead-tree-removal.

Local reporters on the other end contacted Antonio to get his experience with the Oklahoma Tree Service Experts. The commercial property owner had good words on his lips to say about the company, and it was a grand slam!

“The company mentioned that it would be taking care of the trees on this property and Elvis’s property,” said Antonio. “The family first was worried that the tree maintenance procedure would be impossible, since they were two property owners who needed the same service. The family felt it was going to receive a substandard service instead. Contrarily, the company performed its job perfectly and at an affordable cost.”

“Elvis and Antonio happen to be the first customers to benefit from the company’s tree trimming services on the same day,” said the company’s CEO. “The customers have shown the company the intricate possibilities of dividing a team into 2 to diversify on other duties. If not for the two customers, the company might not have thought of such a strategy. In the future, the goal is to make sure more than two tasks are handled by the Oklahoma Tree Service Experts simultaneously, without crippling other activities.”

“While tree trimming is the most sought-after service,” said the field operations officer, “the company was equally vested to handle other professional tree services in Oklahoma City. The company, for instance, is well acquainted with helping homeowners remove dead trees, damaged trees, and even trees that were exposing the utilities to the exponential risk of damage. The Oklahoma tree pruning professionals, on the contrary, have been saving tree lives from pests and diseases, which often attack the trees and take the life out of them.”

Handling the two tree trimming services on the same day has been a huge booster for the company; it has refreshed its reputation among the locals within the city. It has been barely three weeks, and the company has already begun scheduling more than 1 task per day.

Oklahoma Tree Service Experts has its base of operations at 106 NW 12th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, united states. The company, however, can be easily contacted at +1 405-766-5526 and [email protected]

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