La Jolla Tree Service Experts Now Can Handle Multiple Emergency Tree Removal Procedures Simultaneously

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La Jolla Tree Service Experts Now Can Handle Multiple Emergency Tree Removal Procedures Simultaneously

June 21
19:56 2022

La Jolla, California – One of the few tree care companies in California that have managed to maintain a perfect rating of 5 stars even after being in business for close to 3 decades, La Jolla Tree Service Experts has decided to do much more for its customers. Earlier today, the company’s CEO announced that his team of tree service experts is capable of handling more than one emergency tree service procedure at the same time.

Emergency tree removals are one of the most complicated tree service procedures,” said the CEO. “For example, if a tree is leaning dangerous and display signs of landing on a vital utility, extreme care has to be used when dealing with the tree. This means that one cannot just cut the tree and allow it to fall—this would leave the homeowner with thousands of dollars in repair costs.”

All emergency tree removal procedures often need complicated tree maintenance gear and a team with advanced experience when it comes to tree removals,” said the CEO. “The company previously did not have multiple tree maintenance gear. However, the company has invested a lot of its profit from the last 5 years to acquire this equipment.”

To see how La Jolla Tree Service Experts purchased its first bucket truck, read this story:

The CEO noted that La Jolla Tree Service Experts is now a proud owner of three cranes and 4 bucket trucks. He added that these are the main tools that the company relies on when handling emergency tree removals.

When a tree is leaning over a utility,” said the CEO, “you have to lift it off and alter its trajectory to ensure it follows the right path on its way down. This is the reason the emergency tree removal team needs a crane.”

The CEO noted that in some cases, tree pruning or tree trimming is needed before handling the emergency tree removal procedure. In such a case, the bucket truck is needed.

Most of the trees that need emergency tree removal lack stability,” said the CEO. “This disqualifies manual climbing as one of the ways that can be used to trim these trees. Tree trimming, however, may be necessary to reduce the width that the tree covers when it is brought down—this reduces the risk of the branches damaging the neighboring utilities. Using a bucket truck, the company’s team of emergency tree service providers can trim and prune any tree without having to worry about the stability issues affecting the tree.”

The CEO noted that his company has added several professionals who can be used for the emergency tree service. Currently, the company has 30 professionals in the emergency response team. These professionals will be divided into 3 groups, each with 10 people.”

Armed with 3 cranes and 3 groups of professionals,” said the La Jolla Tree Service Experts CEO, “the company is in a position to handle 3 emergency tree removal procedures simultaneously.”

The CEO noted that these emergency tree service teams will remain responsive on a 24/7 basis. He noted that irrespective of the time a homeowner calls to report an emergency tree removal procedure, the company will be responding in less than one hour.

The goal is to ensure that no homeowner is waiting around with a tree that may drop unexpectedly and cause a lot of property damage,” said the La Jolla Tree Service Experts CEO. “With 3 teams that respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the company will ensure every homeowner gets emergency tree services on time.”

La Jolla Tree Service Experts notes that it will be scheduling all emergency tree services from its base of operation at 850 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States. Homeowners with tree emergencies can reach the company’s office by dialing +1 619-566-1863 or sending an email to [email protected]

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