Oceanside Tree Service Experts Has a New Project Manager

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Oceanside Tree Service Experts Has a New Project Manager

June 21
19:46 2022

Oceanside, California – Last week, Oceanside Tree Service Experts marked 12 years of working with James. James had been managing the company’s projects, ensuring that each homeowner who contacted the company had his needs taken care of immediately. However, the project manager decided to retire and fly to Europe for a new job.

James has done a lot of work to improve Oceanside Tree Service Experts and ensure it’s handling all services at the right time,” said the company’s CEO. “However, he very respectfully resigned last week to take a new job in the UK. He noted that the new job would allow him to be much closer to his kids who are currently studying abroad.”

After James left, Oceanside Tree Service Experts had to start looking for a new project manager. The company reportedly put out job advertisements in all major magazines. In less than 5 days, the company had received more than 50 applications.

The goal of trying to find as many applicants as possible was to ensure the company would end up with great talent in the long run,” said the CEO. “At Oceanside Tree Service Experts, the project manager has to run a lot of operations. And without enough experience or the ability to handle complications that often arise during tree maintenance procedures, it may be impossible for the company to generate enough revenue to keep it running.”

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The CEO reportedly interviewed all the 50 applicants. During the interviews, the CEO was checking for several qualities, including, years of experience in the tree maintenance field, people skills, and the applicant’s ability to plan multiple projects.

It was unfortunate that the company had to turn away most of the applicants because they did not meet the company’s standards,” said the CEO. “However, Morrison, who had been in the tree service industry for more than 16 years was the best fit for the job. Morrison had handled numerous tree maintenance procedures in the past. He also briefly held the position of the project manager at a company located in Missouri City.”

The CEO noted that Morrison started working for Oceanside Tree Service Experts earlier today. In less than a day, the new project manager had managed to improve efficiency in how the company operates.

Right now,” said the CEO, “Morrison already has four teams outside in the field handling different tree maintenance procedures. The first team was sent to handle an emergency tree removal procedure, the second team is handling tree pruning, the third is improving the aesthetic appeal of trees with trimming, while the final group is a homeowner turning his removed trees into firewood.”

The CEO told a group of reporters that from the way Morrison is operating, there is a very high likelihood that the company will make much more money in the next quarter.

Before leaving, the previous property manager established the same-day service policy,” said the CEO. “This policy ensured that homeowners were getting the tree services they needed on the same day they ordered these services. From the look of things, the new hire is likely to improve customer satisfaction with same hour service policy.”

The CEO noted that the same-hour policy currently applies to emergency tree services. However, he noted that if this policy was to be introduced by Oceanside Tree Service Experts for all its services, homeowners would be more satisfied, leading to more customers and more money.

Oceanside Tree Service Experts’ offices are located at 1255 Stone Dr, San Marcos, CA 92078, United States. You can, however, reach the company at +1 442-280-7601 or [email protected]

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