Temecula Tree Service Pros Prunes Two Palm Trees Standing by Swimming Pool

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Temecula Tree Service Pros Prunes Two Palm Trees Standing by Swimming Pool

June 21
19:25 2022

Temecula, California – Temecula Tree Service Pros was contacted by Maria. She wanted help with the palm trees standing beside her swimming pool. She mentioned the trees needed to be pruned since they were making her pool dirty nearly all the time. The palms had been rooted there for almost 4 years. At that point, her interests were in saving the swimming pool from the palm leaves. Every morning she was compelled to clean the utility and not just a leaf or two! It was always the whole pool covered with leaves.

The palm leaves upset moods around here every morning,” said Maria. “Waking up to a leaf rake is the usual norm within the family. At times the pool is forced to stay covered with leaves since nobody is motivated to rake the leaves from the pool anymore. This morphing habit is rather daunting, and the only remedy is to ensure the palm trees are properly handled by trimming and pruning. In addition, the family is expecting the trees to have their manners back and pause with the shedding of the leaves. Pruning the palm trees would also ensure they look attractive.”

She noted the palms were upsetting her with cleaning the pool every morning. The palms had grown over the recent years and appeared aesthetically appealing. However, despite the smiles they warmed with visitors, the trees deeply disappointed Maria.

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The family had never used Temecula Tree Service Pros,” she noted. “The family was conducting background research on the affordable company and one that could offer a quick turnaround. That is when the company surfaced, and everyone was elated with the services it offered. While there were other competitive companies, Temecula Tree Service Pros outshined the other tree service companies. Since the family needed solid facts and with the notion internet can be misleading. The family asked the neighbors, and surprisingly they all recommended Temecula Tree Service Pros.”

A tree expert was later sent to Maria’s home to assess the nature of the palms. He assessed the palms and the surrounding utilities. The expert further agreed with the homeowner as per the company’s charges rates. A team of experts was dispatched to Maria’s home to handle the bottleneck she was witnessing.

A team of four experts arrived at the landscape,” said Maria. “The experts carried along with compatible machines to ensure the palm trees were pruned minus any damage to the surrounding utilities. They used the manual tree climbing technique to some extent. On the other hand, the team displayed immense expertise in the area. They behaved composed and with a top-tier level of professionalism. They climbed the 2 palms simultaneously and tied the identified branches with firm ropes. They then used the power cutting tools to cut the branches, which were pulled by the crane to fall in the open vicinity. The team worked on the procedure flawlessly, and it was completed in under 2 hours. They later advised the family to build a palm shade with the cut leaves since they could offer a perfect hue.”

After a while, the homeowner emailed the company and showed how happy and satisfying the whole procedure turned out to be. She was intrigued to leave the Temecula Tree Service Pros a positive and a five-star review on Google reviews.

Temecula Tree Service Pros operates from its base at 32120 Temecula Pkwy #1029, 92592 Temecula, CA. However, homeowners interested in its services can reach its offices by dialing +1 951-468-9475 or sending an email to [email protected]

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