Cupsty launches with the aim of being the world’s leading supplier of eco-friendly, reusable cups to help people save money, live healthier, and reduce waste

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Cupsty launches with the aim of being the world’s leading supplier of eco-friendly, reusable cups to help people save money, live healthier, and reduce waste

June 21
18:23 2022
90% of plastic bottles are not recyclable, making the need for reusable cups on the go vital for the future

June 21, 2022 – The world is overrun by plastic bottle waste. Each minute of the day, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased around the globe. Unfortunately, 90% of all plastic bottles are not recyclable and most of these bottles end up in landfills. Bottles that do not end up in landfills make their ways to the world’s waterways and other locations.

Cupsty has officially launched with the aim of being the world’s leading supplier of eco-friendly, reusable cups. The start-up company sells collapsible cups making it easy for people to take their Cupsty on the go. While many of the water bottles and other drinking devices on the market are large, and must be lugged around, Cupsty’s collapsible cup can be simply carried or packed in a backpack.

Kat, the brainchild of Cupsty was determined to create a product that would help reduce waste and be easy and convenient to use. With the help of her friends from multicultural backgrounds, she made her vision a reality, and they recently had a killer photoshoot to show off the cups in all their glory. Keep reading to learn more about Kat, her friends, and of course, the cups!

Cupsty Cups are made of durable, food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. They are also microwave friendly and come with a leak-proof lid. Best of all, these cups are FSC certificate assured, meaning they won’t damage the environment. Making Cupsty cups even more eco-friendly, they are packaged in biodegradable paper that can be easily composted. Cupsty Cups’ founder takes the environment and its impact very seriously.

The collapsible cups are ideal for people on-the-go. The Cupsty cups come in a variety of colors to suit each individual’s personality. Although Cupsty cups look great, they are also eco-friendly.

Many people believe they are helping the environment by recycling plastic water bottles. Yet, most recycling centers do not cater to these types of soft plastic drink bottles. The ability to reuse the Cupsty collapsible cups makes them one of the best options for anyone looking to help the environment. Just fill up your cup and go.

Cupsty is a reliable, eco-friendly hydration solution. It allows users to stay hydrated on the go without harming the planet. For more information on Cupsty or to order your own Cupsty collapsible cup, please visit the start-up company’s official website.

About Kat

Kat, the founder of Cupsty, is an Asian girl with a passion for fashion and sustainability. As someone who went to countless music festivals and loved to travel, she was all too familiar with the waste that came with using disposable cups. Kat wanted to create a cup that would be not only eco-friendly but also stylish and easy to use. She saw the fast fashion industry as being particularly wasteful and wanted to do her part to help the environment.

This is where her entrepreneurial mindset came in, and Cupsty was born!

Be it for iced coffee, boba tea, or just plain water, Cupsty is perfect for on-the-go use. A Gen-Z favorite with worldwide collaborations with influencers, Cupsty is quickly becoming a must-have accessory.

People are loving the customization options that Cupsty offers, with 6 different colors to choose from. Not just that, but users can also add their star sign to the cup to make it even more personal.

The Cupsty Crew

Behind every great product is an amazing team, and Cupsty is no exception. Kat was lucky enough to have the help of her friends, who come from diverse backgrounds, to bring her vision to life.

First, there’s Fiona, a like-minded individual who shares Kat’s entrepreneurial spirit. She was the perfect person to help with the business side of things since she is a business owner herself. Fiona has been a great support throughout the journey and helped with everything from ideation to marketing.

Then, there’s Precious and Jay, a Black power couple from London who are creative professionals. Precious is a model from London, and Jay is a promoter of one of New York’s biggest hip-hop club, so they were able to provide valuable insights on the photoshoot and creative direction.

Next, there’s Elizabeth, who is probably the real-life version of Emily in Paris’ Emily Cooper. A fashion lover and content creator from Paris, Elizabeth helped style the Cupsy crew for the shoot and came up with some amazing looks.

We also have Lina K. from Russia, who owns one of the biggest techno clubs. Her girl power was what inspired Kat the most to start Cupsty, and she constantly encourages her to pursue her dreams.

As much as there’s girl power, we can’t forget about the men who helped Kat out! First, there’s Ghost, who is a rapper and creative from NYC. His sense of style and outgoing personality helped bring some fun to the shoot.

Then, there’s Kay, a professional amapiano dancer from South Africa. He brought his infectious energy and dance moves to the shoot and has been an amazing friend to Kat throughout the journey.

Kobby is another one of Kat’s close friends. As a pro-afrobeats dancer and owner of an African clothing line, Kobby’s entrepreneurial mindset and fashion sense were a great asset to the team.

Last but not least from our boy squad, we have Sean, who’s also from Asia. Sean loves traveling and has been to Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, to name a few. As someone who works in a major company, Sean’s knowledge of the industry was very helpful in terms of market research.

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