Tree Service Marietta Uses Tree Pruning to Save Neighborhood from Unexpected Power Outage

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Tree Service Marietta Uses Tree Pruning to Save Neighborhood from Unexpected Power Outage

June 21
17:28 2022

Marietta, Georgia – When Juliet realized that one of her trees had dangerously leaning branches, the homeowner decided to give Tree Service Marietta a call. The homeowner reportedly knew that if a wind blew again, the branches would snap and land on the nearby powerlines — this would leave the entire neighborhood without power for a whole night.

It has been a whole 7 years since the family last invested its money in improving the trees on the landscape,” said Juliet. “From the eyes of an inexperienced observer, the trees looked amazing — they did not appear damaged. For this reason, the family was not in a hurry to improve them.”

The homeowner noted that the thing her family did not understand is that over the seven years, her trees had developed overgrown crowns.

Years of lack of pruning allowed the trees to grow crowns that were too big,” said Juliet. “These branches were already blocking the view of the surroundings. However, because none of the family members spends time at home, there was no pressure to reduce the branches on the tree crowns to improve the view. The one thing the family did not understand is that the overcrowded crowns were also trapping too much wind — this made them susceptible to breaking and dropping limbs on the utilities. This almost happened yesterday at around 8 pm.”

To see what Tree Service Marietta has been working on, read this story:

Juliet noted that her family was enjoying dinner when a heavy cracking sound caught their attention. On going outside, the homeowner realized that an oak tree standing about 20 feet from the powerlines had broken limbs.

While the 100-foot oak tree was standing about 20 feet from the powerlines,” said Juliet, “its branches were more than 80 feet long. This means that the branches had the potential to fall on the powerlines. The family had to take the necessary steps to ensure the branches did not land on the neighborhood power supply.”

Juliet had reportedly used Tree Service Marietta about 10 years back and was very familiar with the company’s emergency 24/7 services. The homeowner reportedly called the company’s offices and her call was received by a very cautious customer service agent.

The lady on the other end of the line was more than happy to help the family,” said Juliet. “She noted that she would send a team of professionals in the next 60 minutes. True to her word, the team arrived on the landscape in less than 45 minutes — the family called Tree Service Marietta at around 8:15 pm and the team of experts was here at around 9 pm.”

The homeowner watched the company use its bucket truck and a combination of ropes and experienced professionals to cut down the damaged branches. She reported that to increase safety, the company brought down the branches slowly with ropes after cutting them. Since some of the branches were too big, the company had to attach them to the crane to keep them from swinging and falling in the wrong direction.

The entire emergency tree pruning procedure took an estimated 2 hours,” said the homeowner. “While the company’s team managed to remove the damaged branches sooner than expected, the team had to use an extra 30 minutes to improve the shape of the oak tree and collect the waste generated by the entire procedure.”

The homeowner reported that she paid a very affordable price for the tree pruning procedure. She indicated that she planned to use the Tree Service Marietta service soon — she noted that she wanted to prune all her remaining trees to ensure they did not suffer the same damage her oak tree did.

Tree Service Marietta schedules everything from tree pruning and tree trimming to tree removal and emergency tree services from its base of operation at 2305 Colleen Cir SW Marietta, GA, 30060. Homeowners interested in the company’s services can call +1 678-661-6293 or send an email to [email protected]

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