Get to Know Kali Metis: The Creator of Novel CURE and Running Wild Press

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Get to Know Kali Metis: The Creator of Novel CURE and Running Wild Press

June 21
01:30 2022
Get to Know Kali Metis: The Creator of Novel CURE and Running Wild Press

A person’s reputation is built around several compelling factors. While some individuals are widely recognized for their leadership, notoriety, and money-making capacity, others earn acclaim for their passion, brilliance, excellence, and purpose-driven endeavors. In the case of emerging author Lisa Diane Kastner, mainly known by her pen name, Kali Metis, it was her diligent efforts in creating avenues for inspiration and transformation that led this prodigious personality towards the pinnacles of greatness. As she continues to demonstrate her exceptional capacity, she sends across a powerful message, inspiring the next generation of trailblazing personalities every step of the way.

Filled with a vision that knows no bounds, Kali Metis is an esteemed author whose literary pieces speak volumes of her talents and prowess. Since dipping her toes into the industry, this multi-talented go-getter has managed to secure a coveted spot at the summits of success, setting a precedent for aspiring hopefuls across the globe. Using her influence, Kali wrote a novel entitled CURE, set to spark the fire within readers worldwide.

CURE follows the life of Luna Auber, who is stunned by her brother’s suicide. In the story, she discovers that her brother has left her not only with his keys to his apartment but also a trip to Sweden. As Luna embarks on a journey, she discovers some secrets about her brother that are both shocking and extraordinary.

“What if your intuition turned to be something bigger and supernatural? What if your brother’s disease was misinterpreted, and the Cure was an ancestral truth that no one had dared to speak? Family secrets are being unveiled in Metis’ novel, and things begin to ramp up,” shared Linda D. Addison, an award-winning author, HWA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, and SFPA Grand Master.

The story combines historical fiction, dark fiction, horror, and magical realism in the most inventive way possible. Having been thoroughly researched by Kali Metis, CURE blends the history of Birke, who is a famous female Viking warrior, and the mythos of Lycanthropes, with modern-day America, creating a new world of modern legends and enriching the tales of shapeshifters. On top of that, Kali also revealed in an interview that she incorporated fight scenes to teach readers with no experience in martial arts some self-defense techniques. “I need to thank Jonathan Maberry for helping me craft these scenes. Coming from a former self-defense teacher, I assure you that they are accurate,” Kali happily shared.

More than just an author with a goal of impacting lives through storytelling, Kali Metis is also the founder and executive editor of RIZE Press and Running Wild Press. When she realized how several amazing authors never had the chance to get published, this power player made it her goal to open doors of opportunities to many promising writers across the industry. As a result, she is one of the industry’s must-watch forces, delivering success every chance she gets.

As Kali Metis begins to carve a success-enabling path, she aims to continue establishing initiatives that transform lives and spark action. Through her promising book and publishing companies, she is well underway.

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