A successful presale: 850 million NVA sold with listings coming soon.

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A successful presale: 850 million NVA sold with listings coming soon.

June 20
21:12 2022

NoVa Battles ICO

NoVa Battles, a play, earn, and invest crypto-game company, has announced that its presale has achieved its target a day ahead of schedule. 850 million NVA tokens were sold to its worldwide community on the MaskEX platform. This has set the precedence that this game is here for the long run. The company is taking huge steps forward to use all the funds raised to improve the game’s stability, functionality, and overall design with very special news coming soon.

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NoVa Battles community has been growing by leaps and bounds and showing support to the game by providing some new ideas, suggestions and feedbacks. The players are also looking forward to seeing NoVa battles to be the leading MOBA play-to-earn game that will host tournaments and enter esports competition.

Many professional gamers in Southeast Asia are now doing collaboration with the company in making sure that the game can be enjoyed by all the gamers and non-gamers. The core team is available on the game’s official Discord channel here:  https://discord.com/invite/NoVaBattles

By joining their community, you can get involved in the whole development of the game and also earn exclusive content and incentives during the prelaunch phase.                              


Beta Test

The NoVa Battles’ official beta test is still on-going, with the developers stating that the beta test will continue until the development of the game’s NFTs, which are NoVa Souls (NS), is completed. There have been updates to the game during the beta test already. Players can now link their MetaMask wallet when creating their NoVa Battles account, with all progress obtained during the beta test rolling over towards the official launch. To register and play the game follow this link: https://play.novabattles.com/#/

The referral system is up and running with players able to earn an additional 30% more NVA based on the referral chain they have built up. Many players are trying their best to be at the top of the leaderboard with teammates that have joined the game through the referral link. For any queries you can speak to the core team on their official Discord.

ETH and Listing

NoVa Battles is a Ethereum-based game that will let you earn NVA and ETH at the same time. This is revolutionary as there is no game on the market that enables its users to directly earn the game’s official token as well as Ethereum. A massive number of professional gamers are now starting to enter the NoVa Battles community and helping the company to establish the game. 

The NoVa Battles ICO was a success. This marks the beginning of something big: a new era of blockchain-based gaming that will change how we think about how we play and the core team have reached out to us to inform us that very exciting news regarding listings is coming this week. To stay up to date on all things NoVa Battles you can follow their social media channels here: https://shor.by/NoVaBattles

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