4 Ways to Activate a Natural State of Joy So It Sticks: An Expert’s Insight

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4 Ways to Activate a Natural State of Joy So It Sticks: An Expert’s Insight

June 20
20:01 2022
Founder of Palladium Mind Inc. Explains the Enjoyment Gap and Shares Actionable Tips for Closing It

While the health & wellness industry is massive and growing, it is also notable that physical illness and mental health issues are in fact not declining, but actually are on the rise. To Mandy Barbee Lanier, JoyMason and founder of Palladium Mind Inc., this paradoxical state of our modern society is no coincidence.

“The gap between how our lives appear on the surface, or how they look from the outside, and the way we actually feel about our ‘success’ has been widening for decades,” said Lanier, who is also a seasoned executive transformation guide.

Despite the challenges this creates, she sees it as a positive scenario that is already facilitating personal actualization and quantum business performance outcomes for the thousands of people who can see the opportunity within these circumstances and who know how to leverage it.

Lanier says this phenomenon is linked to a time of great awakening. She explains that as more and more individuals recognize a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the world we live in and life as we know it, the tangible opportunity for transcendence becomes continually more clear.

“This isn’t a theoretical conversation, but an experience we can have directly,” she shares. “People are looking for a resolution to the mismatch between appearances and lived realities, and we bridge this Enjoyment Gap by raising our consciousness.”

For those who find themselves in the middle of this evolution, her message is that there are efficient ways to take advantage of this opportunity. She shares 4 pointers with us for activating our natural states of joy.

The first advice she gives is, “We have to find a way to forgive ourselves for times when we let ourselves down in the past.” She explains, “The word forgiveness is easy to say, but harder to accomplish. We need a thorough and complete path through to actual forgiveness.”

Self forgiveness is part of a larger process she refers to as “heart-opening” that helps to address the root causes of internal conflicts so we can complete our own cycles, and operate from a place of calm, confident equanimity.

The second tip Lanier gives is, “We have to stop outsourcing our own authority.” The coach explains that people who want to raise their consciousness need to validate their inner authority and refer to the opinions of experts versus relying on them. “This one change creates huge positive ripple effects, and it’s crucial to sustaining rapid transformations,” she shared.

She also discusses the importance of finding a community that supports individuals’ evolution, specifically by supporting their authentic expression and reinforcing secure connection and expansion. “It’s common to want to grow and change behind closed doors rather than out in the open where we’ve all experienced judgment in one form or another along the way, but community helps us take a much-needed objective viewpoint on ourselves and appreciate our positive qualities.”

Lastly, Lanier highlights the need for a trusted mentor who can support personal healing as well as whole-person evolution. “I suggest that clients and people who I consult with prioritize resolution of issues over strategies for managing problems. Find a support system, specifically a mentor who understands why this is important,” she said. “It’s so prevalent to see models of healing that are not rooted in the idea of wholeness, and this limits positive change, and also blocks changes from sticking.”

As a master coach and certified clinical hypnotherapist with deep specialization in using non-ordinary states of consciousness to create performance outcomes, Mandy has thousands of clinical hours helping clients resolve the root cause of core inner issues such as anxiety, disconnection, and fear. She does this systematically with the support of her proprietary framework: powerPlay.

More information about Mandy Barbee Lanier and her mission and work can be found at https://www.palladiummind.com/.

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