RWTS Wastewater Treatment Solution – Ecofarmer Series

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RWTS Wastewater Treatment Solution – Ecofarmer Series

June 20
14:02 2022

Remote Water Treatment Services has announced their new hybrid EcoFarmer series; a wastewater treatment solution designed to be efficient, transportable, and easy to deploy. RWTS innovative wastewater treatment plant the ‘Ecofarmer’ is the answer our clients have been needing to their wastewater treatment issues. 

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The Ecofarmer is designed and manufactured for temporary wastewater treatment. The plant room is housed in a 6mm structural certified unit that allows for seamless transportation and deployment by any road, rail, shipping, or freighting service. This provides flexibility for companies requiring wastewater treatment services between remote projects, as it can be deployed from one site to another. 

Remote Water Treatment other services include water treatment solutions and industrial water treatment including potable water treatment. 

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Brackish water is water with more dissolved solids than fresh water but isn’t as salty as seawater. 

It’s a type of water commonly found in aquifers, wells, and surface waters like rivers and lakes. Due to the increased demand for freshwater resources, purified water is becoming an essential water source for many industries and communities.

Brackish water can be treated using a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Treatment System?

Reverse Osmosis technology passes water being treated through a thin film composite membrane (or multiples of), surface areas used are selected based on the required production rate, and drive pressures as well as the recovery (produced water verses waste water) and recycle flow rates are all unique to the system and raw water quality design.

The driving force of the reverse osmosis process is applied pressure. The amount of energy required for osmotic separation is directly related to the salinity of the solution. Thus, more energy is required to produce the same amount of water from solutions with higher concentrations of salt. Additional information will be supplied in the appendix for further explanation of the more advanced considerations of the technology and its design. 

RWTS provides reliable reverse osmosis systems that can be used for treating brackish water and surface water. Their Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) Systems use modern technology to remove dissolved solids and impurities from the water. 

This system is ideal for treating water with a total dissolved solids/salts below 10,000 mg/L. They also offer an Industrial Reverse Osmosis System for larger volume applications. This system is designed for commercial and industrial users who require a higher quality of treated water. RO Systems, Reverse Osmosis System.

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Wastewater Treatment Plants and Waste Water Treatment Systems are designed to remove water’s physical, chemical, and biological contaminants. Wastewater Treatment Plants typically consist of a series of tanks and filters that remove contaminants through various stages of treatment. RWTS wastewater containerised treatment solutions, enables the production of modular wastewater treatment plant and equipment that have been scientifically designed to ensure the treated water conforms to environmental, safety legislation and requirements.

Wastewater Treatment Systems are often used in conjunction with other water treatment technologies, such as reverse osmosis, to purify water further. 

There can be several stages of the water treatment process implemented into the design and construction of a customize water treatment plant including:

• Stage One – Chemical Dosing

• Stage Two – AFM Media Filtration 

• Stage Three – Ultrafiltration

• Stage Four – GAC Carbon Media Filtration

• Stage Five – Ultraviolet Disinfection Post Filtration 

• Stage Six – Calcite Media Remineralisation Filtration

• Stage Seven – Chlorine Dosing For Disinfection Post Filtration 

• Stage Eight – Chlorine Dosing And Ph Correction For Treated Water Storage Facility

RWTS supplies, installs and leases a vast range of other water treatment systems. Whether you’re in need of a simple water filter or a tailored combination of systems, we have the solution. 

Ultra-filtration membrane modules | Chemical Dosing

Ultra-filtration Membrane Modules provide superior treatment to raw water sources, removing even the most undetectable suspended substances, microorganisms, colloids and impurities.

Chemical dosing systems are designed to provide an accurate, precisely measured delivery of a chemical or nutrient, in liquid or powdered form, to a medium such as water – to meet a specifically required outcome or reaction.

Final Thoughts

Remote Water Treatment Services company has proven success in high quality wastewater treatment solutions with knowledgeable staff and strong industry partnerships providing over 100 years of industry experience to the water and wastewater treatment industry. 

They have the latest technology and extensive field experience that gives their clients confidence in their ability to provide quality services.

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