Causes Of Air Leakage In Vacuum Packaging Bag And Their Solutions

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Causes Of Air Leakage In Vacuum Packaging Bag And Their Solutions

June 20
09:44 2022

In custom vacuum seal bags, all the air inside has been extracted and sealed to keep the bag in a highly decompressed state. The scarcity of air is equivalent to the effect of hypoxia, which causes microorganisms to have no living conditions, thus achieving the goals of keeping meat and seafood fresh and extending food shelf life.

At present, vacuum packaging is widely used in daily life, such as cooked food and rice, etc. But have people noticed that air leakage occurs in some vacuum packaging bags after a period of time? Do people know why and how to avoid air leakage? If not, Boya New Material, one of the leading vacuum packaging bags manufacturers in China, will analyze the three main causes of air leakage in vacuum packaging bag and provide relevant solutions.

The most common causes of air leakage in vacuum packaging bag include (1) layering of heat sealing layer, (2) punctured by sharp objects, and (3) respiration in packaging bag. Therefore, solutions should be worked out based on these three causes.

First, choose the right thickness. Right thickness is important to vacuum packaging. Too thin vacuum bags are easy to be punctured, and too thick vacuum bags are hard to be sealed after the vacuum is extracted, which is more obvious in small home vacuum machine. In either case, the vacuum packaging bags will be unable to function. Therefore, it is recommended to choose large vacuum packaging bags manufacturers, which have mature vacuum packaging bag manufacturing technologies, and people can avoid this problem by using their vacuum packaging products.

Second, choose appropriate heat sealing strength. When heat sealing, reasonable heat sealing parameters should be set according to the thickness, size, usage and material of the vacuum packaging bag, so as to ensure the sealing effect after vacuuming. So people should choose factories that have large vacuum making machines, thus providing guarantee for the quality of vacuum packaging bags.

Third, strengthen the protection during the transportation process. Due to the developed logistics industry, many products cannot arrive at various points of sale unless they have gone through long-distance transport. However, custom vacuum seal bags may suffer from extrusion, collision, friction or be punctured by sharp objects during the transport process. As a result, it is recommended that clean and smooth environment should be maintained in the transport process to avoid vacuum packaging bags being punctured.

Finally, avoid packaging seeds and other items. The most important feature of vacuum packaging is the discharge of oxygen. But some food tend to perform respiration in the storage process, such as plant seeds and plant roots. Even if the air drained, the seeds themselves will conduct respiration, resulting in bulging. This is same for roots and stems. For some roots pickled food, such as pickled vegetables, ginger is not pickled through, cells are still alive, and respiration will also occur, resulting in bulging. Therefore, people should not use vacuum packaging bag to store seeds, roots and stems.

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